Monday, February 8, 2016

My Bet Paid Off

So my bet on tears was spot on, except they were the happy kind.
You know, the falling on the wall because you're acting like you're fainting and then you squeal "We did it. This is what it feels like to win a Super Bowl." kind.
We had a mini party with Jason's family, Caden's family, and Christian's family.
The only picture I have is from instagram, which also includes Pierce (the kid who looks more like Reed than Reed's twin brother) who was here for pregame.

But I was smart enough to walk upstairs (we banished the loud fans to the media room) to video when I was fairly certain the Broncos were about to score to secure the win.
Here's how that went down.
And though I don't know much about sports...although if I'd just pay attention to half of what JR's says I'd know everything, I do know that Peyton Manning really needs to retire.

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