Thursday, March 24, 2016

I Stand Corrected

Jason was quick to point out that I said our kids were "outfielders" in my last post, and that they are actually "infielders". 
 I thought everyone that was on the field and not batting or running bases was called an "outfielder", so that shows how much I know about sports. 

 And if you want to be more specific about their "infield" positions, Reed plays shortstop and Kyle plays 1st base. (I at least know that.)

Speaking of Kyle and baseball, he disappeared for an extended amount of time on Sunday at our neighborhood Easter party.
 Had I remembered there was a face painter, I would have absolutely known where he'd snuck off to.  

 He reappeared looking like this. 

And if you're thinking, wow that's really quite low-key for Kyle.
The other side of his face looked like this:

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