Monday, March 14, 2016

JR's First Job

About a month ago JR auditioned for some voice over work.

It was the easiest audition he's ever done.
We sat in our house, he read from the downloaded script, recorded his voice, and I emailed it in.
No headshot, no resume, no dance routine, no singing with an accompanist.  
(All things we're used to.)

Last week they emailed me to make sure we lived in Houston (I gave them my phone number and with the Denver area code I guess they were double checking) and then they called to let me know JR had been chosen to voice one of the parts.

It's for an animated series schools can use to teach about money management.  

JR recorded his first voice over today.  They told him he had to say the lines exactly how they were written, he couldn't replace "a" for "the" or drop any words. He was only at work for about 10 minutes, and the best part...he gets paid each time he works.

I don't know what his schedule will be, she told me whenever the client sends in a script with his part she'll call me and set something up.  It sounded like he could easily be working all summer.

I'd say this is the easiest summer job JR will ever land!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats JR. That is fantastic! GS