Tuesday, March 22, 2016

That Time of Year

If the rodeo is over that means baseball games are starting.

We had our 1st real game tonight (which we lost) but we really don't care since Kyle and Reed played so well.

I even kept notes so I wouldn't forget what all they did in the outfield:
-Kyle got an out at 1st
-Reed caught a pop fly
-Reed got an out at 2nd from an outfield throw
-And play of the night: Reed caught a pop fly then threw it to Kyle at 1st for a double play

Then while batting:
 -they hit every time
-got on base every time
-Kyle got an inside the park home run.

We even had our first injury of the season when Granny Sherry hurt her foot celebrating the double play. 

Big night for the Ingy Boys! 

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