Thursday, April 14, 2016

Channel 11

One of the (many) things I bought at JR's school auction was a tour of Channel 11 (the CBS affiliate) here in Houston.
Because one of the moms works there, it actually turned out to be one of the best auction items I've ever bought.

The kids (and 1 parent) got to tour the newsroom, see the Great Day Houston set, go in the control room, and sit in the studio while the news anchors were live on air. 

Here we are at Great Day Houston (our local "talk" show). 

Pretending to cook in the semi-fake Great Day Houston kitchen.  (The fridge works.) 

In the studio

Practicing being a weatherman for the Broncos. 

Pretending to give the sports report. 
 He said, "Carlos Correa hit two homeruns last night, which was great for my fantasy baseball team. This is JR Ingersoll with sports, now back to you." 

 With the sportscaster.  

And if you watch Houston news, you'll know this is Greg Hurst.  
He's the anchor and face of Channel 11. 

We had a great time, but he says he'd still rather work for ESPN, 

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