Friday, June 3, 2016

All Star

Reed was selected for the All Star team and the game was last night.
They asked JR to commentate, but he wound up doing his DJ gig too.

The rain here has been ridiculous, so they decided to just delay the game an hour while they tried to clear the fields as much as possible.  So JR jumped into DJ mode and played music and interviewed kids for an hour.

Here he is interviewing.  Notice Kyle is very busy with his Chic Fil A the whole entire time.

JR also announced the players as they ran onto the field.  I was standing back by JR (to help him) so there was no way I could get up to see Reed run on fast enough.

Here's his All Star team
Reed is friends with all the Red Socks from school and then the 2 kids in purple were on Kyle's basketball team, so we knew all but 3 kids on the team! 

Reed hit 3 for 3, made an out while playing 2nd base, and they won the game 16-12.

So it was a super fun night, even though it looked like this!

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