Monday, June 27, 2016

We've Already Had Foot Massages

We dropped Kyle and Reed off at Camp Olympia yesterday so it's just me and Chloe (and Jason) here at the homestead.

Reed didn't want the tooth fairy to have to make a trip to camp, so he wiggled out a tooth Saturday practical of him.

I not only decorated the car this time, but Kyle and Reed too.  All of it looked awesome.

We didn't see JR when we were dropping off, but I think I (I mean JR) might have won the car decorating contest, and I also think he was camper of the day (for the whole camp, which is a big deal).  I might be wrong on both of those things, and since JR doesn't write me, I'll have to wait 2 weeks to find out (unless Reed or Kyle happen to write me about it). 

I'd say they are quite happy with their cabin.

If you're wondering what Jason and I are doing with our free time, well, after I napped yesterday afternoon we went and had foot massages and, of course, we're eating out every meal. 

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