Wednesday, July 6, 2016

15 Years

Jason and I had our 15th wedding anniversary on June 23rd.  But we didn't celebrate until this past weekend.  We went to Travassa in Austin and it was amazing.

It's a destination spa with activities.  Basically we went to adult camp while the kids were at camp.

The giant swing (which is totally misnamed because 'swing' makes it sound easy and fun and it was super scary) and the ropes course were a bit much for me. (Ok, more than a bit!) I actually had to have one of the instructors help me through the whole ropes course. 
(Which also should be renamed "come walk a bunch of tight ropes".) 

I was much better at the activities that weren't so high up in the air.

 Jason was awesome at axe throwing.

But, I was at least able to do it. 

I was also able to paddle board...and not fall off!

And, of course, I was a total master at all the spa activities!

The food is all farm to table, which is a little too healthy and organic for Jason and me, so thank goodness Jason ordered up plenty of cheese trays.

  And we were able to find the s'mores on the way home from dinner!

We had a great time, and I'd be happy to go back! 

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