Saturday, July 30, 2016

First Paycheck

JR is home from church camp.
The first thing he said to me wasn't that he missed me or had fun, but  "Mom! I met Southern Mama!"

Southern Mama is an Internet star/comedian that is actually really funny. 
JR saw him walking down the hall at their condo (yes, Southern "Mama" is a guy) and JR went up to him and told him he was a big fan.  JR said he was very nice.  

(This is Southern Mama if you haven't seen him.) 

He also got his first ever paycheck today.
We've been waiting on his voice over money to arrive, and if finally came today.

Along with his check he got a nice note saying that JR did a great job, and sorry his check was so late but they were having trouble getting paid by their clients.


JoAnn/Jerry said...

Is that a "funny" comedian for kids????

Jan said...

I'm not sure his target audience is really for kids, but JR loves it.