Tuesday, August 16, 2016


I totally forgot to post about us going to see Guns N' Roses when they were here in Houston.  

You might remember that JR and his friend dressed up as Axl Rose and Slash and sang "Sweet Child of Mine" for the pop show.

And since I supplied the Axl wig for this duo from my prop closet, I just couldn't not wear it myself. 

(I had the cut off jean jacket ready to go, but just couldn't wear it...It was like a million degrees with a million percent humidity that night. )

We had about 22 people over to our house before the show and took a party bus down to the concert.

My down the street neighbor also had a preparty that I snuck down to for a bit, but hers was much fancier than mine. (She had waiters and bartenders.)

The concert was great. They played until 12:30, played everything I wanted to hear, and we had a blast.

But I guess since I'm the mama I have to say I like JR's version better. 

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