Thursday, August 4, 2016

Schlitterbahn #6

This year was our 6th annual New Braunfels Schlitterbahn trip.
I thought maybe the kids would want to change it up this year, so I asked them if they would rather go to Florida and go to the beach or Schlitterbahn.  

They all looked at me as if I'd asked them if they wanted broccoli or ice cream for dessert and said "Schlitterbahn!" 

We stayed in a different cabin this year. It faced "The Falls" instead of the "Master Blaster".  
There's Jason, Kyle, and Reed on the porch. 

The view from our porch, that's JR going by in the orange hat.

Kyle and Christian going by.

 As usual, everyone had a great time. 

JR and Kyle decided to do the Sky Coaster.
I looked it up and JR did it the 1st time when he was Kyle's age.

(Reed was smart enough to stay on the ground next to me!)

Going up

Here it is.  

And after

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