Sunday, September 25, 2016

Can You Believe I Didn't Dance Too?

I was a chaperone at JR's Cotillion tonight.
I had strict instructions from him, which basically all boiled down to that I wasn't allowed to let anybody know we were related. 

I wish I had gotten to do Cotillion as a girl, it looked so fun. I don't know how to do any of the dances they were doing, but I'd love to learn.  You could tell the kids were actually enjoying themselves. 

JR did let me get a few pictures with him before we left the house. 

Reed ran over and jumped into the picture too. 

I took my heals off to show that he's just a smidge taller than me now...not that that's hard.

Reed says he'll let me come to his Cotillion and dance with him...I think he might change his mind in the next few years. 

JR told me that I did a good job not embarrassing him and that nobody knew who I was.

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