Monday, September 19, 2016

It was Freezing There, Heat Index of 107 Here

Jason and I were invited to Telluride for the weekend, so we snuck away on Thursday and came back yesterday.  It was a fun weekend, and we learned just how out of shape we are when we went on a hike.

Here we are about 1/4 of the way up, I've shed my jacket but still have on my long sleeves.

After panting uphill for another hour, we made it to 10,000 feet.  
(You can see we stripped off another layer!)

We were supposed to be in Telluride for the Blues and Brews Festival.  
As I like to say, "I'm a festive girl, just not a festival girl."  

I only went to the festival for about 10 minutes.  Here's documentation that I was there.

We got to eat at all our favorite restaurants and do all the things we like to do.

The only bummer to the whole weekend was that I only saw the inside of the Denver airport and downtown from the sky.

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