Monday, October 3, 2016


This weekend was my girls trip with my group that went to Vegas to see Britney.
Except 2 had to cancel and we brought in a new one, so it was really only 4 of us from the Britney trip.

We went to Fredricksburg, which is now the 2nd most toured wine destination in the country after Napa. Who knew we were so fancy here in Texas?

Cassie, Kelli, Cassidy, Me, and our new addition, my across the street neighbor, Caroline.
 (Not to be confused with my other Caroline that's my friend from forever.)

 Lots of fancy sunglasses in this picture. 

I said I was in a "Cass" sandwich.  Cassie or one side and Cassidy on the other. 

I even got to see my old neighbor I grew up with, Stacy. She works in Fredricksburg and swung by to visit after her shift at the hospital. We hadn't seen each other in 18 years. 

It was a super fun trip with lots of laughs and fun had by all! 

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