Sunday, October 30, 2016

Field Day Olympics

It's been such a busy weekend, so I'll start back at Friday.  

The kids had their field day Olympics. Neither Reed's Australian team or Kyle's Canadian team won the spirit award, but I still thought they were cute. 

Yes, that's Kyle in the afro, it was also crazy hair day for Red Ribbon Week. 

I just adore Kyle's teacher, she made signs that said "We Be-Leaf in Canada".  
Cracked me up. 
(Kyle is in his 'fro on the left hand side.) 

See how cute the koala hats turned out.  
You can see the France kids behind them in berets, that was cute too.  You know I love a hat!

I didn't take any pictures of the events.  I got this one from another mom. 

I also missed Kyle winning the hula-hoop contest because I was watching Reed's class who was in the gym.  (I was watching whatever class was in the gym or the shade.)

Kyle was the only boy to win the hula-hoop contest in any class.

I still miss true competitive field days with ribbons like in the good ol' days. 

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