Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 Review

I still need to catch up on the end of 2016 blogging, but since today is 2017,  I must do my annual year in review spectacular. 


We added a new Ingersoll to the family.  We were (and still are) totally smitten by our beautiful, little girl, Chloe. 


Kyle and Reed played lots of basketball.  Reed's team came up short in the championship, and Kyle was honored with the sportsmanship award for his team. 


JR landed his first paying acting gig with some voice over work.  He made 75 bucks for about 10 minutes of work. 


In typical Houston fashion we had a flood and the kids missed 2 days of school.  At least they enjoyed themselves. 


 Lots of baseball was played,

Slash and Axl sang at the SBMS pop show,

And JR was voted "best singer" in 3rd period choir.


Reed was named to the All-Star team, and everybody went to Camp Olympia.


Jason and I snuck off to "adult camp" to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary.


We made our annual Schlitterbahn trip, and added on an afternoon of wake boarding.


It was football season.  Reed was one of the quarterbacks; Kyle was the center.  
Very few games were won. 


I went on a fun girls' trip, the boys went hunting, and I made awesome Halloween costumes from our closet...again.


We got a new President (Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!) 


JR and I were in the 1st Baptist Christmas show and so many people came to see us!

Cheers to a great 2016! 

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