Monday, January 16, 2017

Birthday Party of the Year

I think Jason and I might have just pulled off the birthday party of the year.
If you have kids then you know that all they want to do is flip water bottles.

It's ridiculous and completely annoying.

Most parents, like us, don't let the kids do it. 
Water bottle flipping is also banned at the elementary and middle school.  I'm telling you, it's awful. 

I came home from picking Kyle and Reed up from a birthday party last weekend and Jason asked me how it was.  I said "Oh, she had tons of stuff for them to do and all the kids would do is flip those stupid water bottles."  So he said, "Why don't we just have a water bottle flipping party." 

 So that's what we did.

We figured we couldn't just buy 2 cases of water and call it a day, so we got them a Hummer stretch limo too.

The limo came before the party so we surprised JR by picking him and his friends up from school.  High school next door neighbor, Dave, got home right before we left to get JR so Kyle and Reed were super excited to pick him up.

JR was totally surprised, and the boys were very excited, though you can see how "cool" they were playing it for the photo-op.

Waving at neighbors on the way home. 

The party guests arrived and we loaded them up, drove to PDQ to pick up chicken nuggets, and drove to a neighborhood park. 

 We let them flip water bottles in the limo too.  This is what it was like. 
 I know what you're thinking...bless my heart. 

We had water bottle flipping contests and the winners got trophies (I forgot to take pictures of the trophies I made...yes, they were out of water bottles). You can see how excited they were. 

And if you still don't understand water bottle flipping, here they are in the semifinals of one of their matches, I did a bad job videoing because I was supposed to be counting. 

We drove them back home for cake.
These are the party guests.

And these are the ones that quit playing basketball long enough to come in and get some cake.
(You can see the top of one of my trophies.) 

Of course it was a typical Ingersoll party, so the party didn't actually didn't end until 11 that night.

All the moms and dads were telling us at basketball the next day that the kids can't stop talking about it, and it was the best party ever. 

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