Thursday, April 20, 2017

Smarty Pants

I know he gets his sassy pants from me, and his fancy pants are definitely from Jason, but I'm not sure where in the world he gets his smarty pants from.  
(All the grandparents will be happy to claim passing down that gene.)

JR got a letter yesterday that he was accepted in to the National Junior Honor Society at his school. 

 He had to have a 93 overall GPA for the year just to apply, and then he had to list all his extra- curriculars. (Which, being my child, we know he has plenty of those.) 

I put JR in charge of his own grades this year.  He was responsible for looking at his grades online and making sure they were where they needed to be.  It was so freeing for me not to be checking on him (I never looked at his grades until he brought me his report cards each 9 weeks).  I wanted him to want this, and earn it on his own. 

We are all very proud and looking forward to his induction in a few weeks. 

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Karli said...

Hi! I came across your blog through pinterest when I searched for blue and gold centerpiece ideas. Of course I fell in love with your darling cub boys and their own faces on the sticks! I found and saved the clipart, but can you tell me what size you made the clipart and the pictures that you cut out? I was thinking of sending the clipart to Costco as 4x6 and then getting 4x6 of each boy, but their heads might be too big for the body that way! Can you explain what you did if you remember, please? Thank you much!