Tuesday, June 6, 2017

3-0 Winners!

Stepping away from my May recaps, this weekend the boys played in their first baseball tournament.

They could have played as many as 5 games, but since they won every game they played, they only had to play 3.

I got to do the commentating on Friday night (my announcing included intros like..."he's got the best hair on the field") but JR was back in action (with real sports talk) for the championship game on Sunday.  (JR had been at his friend's ranch for the weekend.)

They had lots of friends from other schools on their team, and we wound up having an impromptu celebration party at our house after the big win.

And though both the boys played great in all the games, Kyle batted in the winning run for the championship game, which was very exciting.  Here he is getting the game ball.

After cookie cake blue teeth and the game ball. 

And they may look like loving brothers in the picture above, but this was Reed this morning.

Kyle got mad at him for getting him "out" when they were playing baseball upstairs and threw one of the cardboard "bases" at him Sunday night.  

It's always something. 

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