Sunday, June 4, 2017

Chariot Races

In 3rd grade the kids study Ancient Rome, and the highlight of the 3rd grade is the chariot races.
The whole school comes out to watch and it's a huge deal. 

Kyle and Reed have been planning their chariots since the first day of school: you need a pusher, a puller, and a sitter. 

Unfortunately for them, the teachers pick the groups. But fortunately for them, their teachers like me (and them) so even though they didn't get the groups they had picked out, they wound up with pretty good groups.  

Lots of Kyle's class with his teacher

Reed's chariot group with his teacher

There are 8 groups in each of  the 8 heats, and then the winner of each heat goes to the finals. 

This is Kyle's race heat.
I missed videoing, but another mom got it (which is why you can't hear me screaming for them.)

The puller of Kyle's group has on yellow and takes an early lead.  
Kyle is pushing in back in red.

Here's Reed's race heat.
Yes, I'm loosing my mind screaming for him, (I told you, it's a big deal.)

His puller has on black, and what I didn't get on video is Reed (white T-shirt) jumping up and down like a crazy person (can't imagine where he gets it) when he found out they won.
Reed's teacher was also excited because she said she's never had a group make it to the finals before.

Reed's team came in 4th in the finals, but they had just run the last heat, so I do believe if they had had time to catch their breath they might have made it on the podium and won a crown leaves. 
Kyle's group came in 5th or 6th.

I don't have video  because I was having a hard enough time just trying to cheer for 2 groups.
And I might have been busy bragging about "all the Ingersolls" being in the finals. 

It was a super fun morning! 

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