Friday, June 9, 2017

Just Like his Dad

Jason's big claim to fame is that back in elementary school he was in the Ft. Bend Boys Choir and sang on Channel 13 for Kathy Whitmire (she was the mayor of Houston back in the 80's).  

So, I had to giggle when Reed brought a note home from school saying that he had been chosen by his music teacher to audition for the Spring Branch Boys Choir.

This all went down right at the end of the year, and in fact, Reed just so happened to be going through his backpack one night and said "Oh, I forgot to give this to you."  It was the invitation to audition, and the last day listed to audition was the next day.  No telling how long he had been carrying it around.

I don't ever think auditions are a sure thing/formality because I've been to way too many of them with JR.  Things we think he's a shoo-in for he usually winds up not getting.

Reed went to the audition and they told us they would send us a letter to let us know.

Since a letter hadn't turned up, I was assuming he didn't get in. 
 But on Wednesday we got a letter telling us he'd been chosen.

I'm not sure how we'll work this in with all his sports teams, but we're going to give it a go.

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