Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Prettiest Girls in the Show

The day before the last day of school was my big hurrah.

I had 144 kids in the talent show this year.

And I had to get all the acts finished before lunch started at 10:50.  I almost made it, I think they had to start lunch at 11:00.

And while Kyle and Reed's act didn't have the most "talent", it was definitely the funniest. 

I planned the act for the boys with different cuts of music, and one cut of music was a "ballet" section. They liked it so much they asked if they could do the whole act as ballet...and dress up like girls.

They got their wish.

These are literally the 4 most athletic boys in the 3rd grade.

Here's the full group

Best part?  I finally know what it would have been like to have a girl!

Here's their act.  It's only 30 seconds, but you get the added "bonus" of my "be a good audience speech to the kids".  Please just fast forward through that!  

The kids are laughing so loud you can't hear their music until the end.  

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