Saturday, June 3, 2017

Why We Have Hamsters

So here's the backstory on the hamsters.

Kyle made the honor roll for the first time this year.  (Actually, first time ever I think.)

Reed made the principal's honor roll for the entire year. 
 (And he also made it for the whole year for 1st and 2nd.)

So that's why we let them get hamsters. (both girl hamsters)

Reed named his hamster "Tickle".

Kyle named his hamster "Mandie", after his teacher. 

She was very honored to have a hamster named after her. 

Our only incident (so far) is when Kyle dropped Mandie inside the couch. 
I literally thought I was going to have the rip the couch apart.

Thankfully she just magically appeared back on the couch cushions and a serious crisis was averted.

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