Saturday, July 1, 2017

Austin City Limits

Jason was in Austin all week taking a class at UT.
Since JR is in Minnesota with Granny, and Kyle and Reed are at my parents, I decided to tag along.

Our hotel couldn't have been any closer to campus.  Seriously, it's this close.

We had dinner with my cousin, Joy. and her husband.  Jason had never met Joy and asked what she was like.  I said, "She's just like me.  It will literally be like having dinner with me."  As you can guess, there were no quiet moments at our table. 

I also had lunch with Kari and spent the day with Cassidy and Kelli, but I have no photographic proof of those events. 

I made Jason walk around campus with me and showed him all my old buildings and places I (or anyone he's ever met that went to UT) lived. 

I also made him eat at all the old places I liked eating at.

One evening we walked over to the Texas Capitol.  We went inside and toured ourselves around.

We also went to check on our buddy, Governor Gregg Abbott, but this was as close as we could get to his house,

We stopped at the Hyatt Lost Pines on the way home from Austin to hang at the pool and spend the night.

We had a fun week, and I might actually be tired of eating...but probably not. 

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