Saturday, September 2, 2017

A Week

Kyle hurt his foot doing flips (in our house) on August 25th (last Friday).  He's been telling us it hurt and it turned purple and blue and yellow, and we kept telling him he was "fine". 

We would have been telling him he was "fine" even if we weren't in the middle of catastrophic flooding, but I'm going to use that as one of my excuses anyway.

He's also has had the worst "cold" since school started.  But then it started raining, so the first time the doctor's office was open was yesterday.  His "cold" just got worse and I was worried he might have a sinus infection so I was able to get him in yesterday afternoon.

After getting all the meds for "terrible allergies and more swimmer's ear", I said, "oh since we're already here why don't you just look at his foot."

As soon as the doctor looked at it she said she knew it was fractured, and sent us off to get it X-rayed.

The imaging center told us the doctor had put a "rush" on the x-rays so we would know soon.  

Because of all the traffic in Houston with road closures I left about an hour before our doctor's appointment.  We didn't have traffic going, so I parked at the mall and we walked through it to get to the doctor's office (there's a sky bridge connecting them) to kill some time. 

 About 80% of the stores are open at the mall,one of which was the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.  On our way back to the car,  I felt so guilty that I'd more than likely let him walk around on a broken foot for a week, that I bought him the $10 cookies and cream caramel apple on a stick he wanted.  

We had been on the road for 20 minutes (it took that long to go 1.8 miles) when the doctor's office called to tell me it was fractured.  They told me to go to an orthopedic doctor near me that was open until 8:00.  

Of course that doctor's office is closed until after Labor Day because of the storm.  When I called the pediatrician back I couldn't get them on the phone because it was after 5:00.

Around 6:30 the on-call pediatrician finally called me back and said that we'd just have to wait until Tuesday to take him in to the orthopedic.  But he had some good news for us, Kyle was in hysterics over having to wear a cast (no swimming and the tears were over the no diving) but the doctor said since he'd been walking on it for a week they probably wouldn't put him in a cast, and he would be in a tight shoe. 

So now we are just trying to keep him from jumping around on it and hurting it more...which is next to impossible! 

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