Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Still Mad

Reed had his last baseball game on Saturday.  I'm still mad and can't talk about it, but I guess I'll write this anyway.

His little team that I didn't think would win 3 games all season made it to the 3rd round of playoffs. (And should have gone to the championship!)

They were ranked high enough that they had a bye for the 1st round.

And then in the 2nd round they were high enough to get to be the home team.  So JR got to announce and I got to run the scoreboard. 

Saturday was the 3rd playoff game and let's just say that an umpire made a call so bad that our entire stands booed, the other team admitted the call was wrong, and the other umpire on the field said the call was wrong.  But he refused to change his call.  

 It changed the whole game (that up until then we had been winning) and obviously I'm still mad about it. 

 Even though I will remember this team for getting robbed of going to the championship, Reed had a great season, and here are some fun pictures. 

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