Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Get Newked

Reed is an only child this week as he is home from the John Newcombe Tennis Ranch.  He said he loved, loved, loved tennis camp.  Everything was super fun and great, except for the food which he said was "too healthy". 

 He won the "Fearsome Forehand" award (he said his award was real and lots of the other kids just got "made up awards:).  

And most importantly he got runner-up in the camp tournament.  
He also was very excited to win a boomerang in the "Get Newked" competition where his team came in 2nd for hitting the most targets. 

We were super proud of his evaluation sheet which talked about his great forehand and mentioned twice how fast he is.  They even mentioned his "baseball speed"...which is nice to hear since the usual tennis comments are trying to "get the baseball out of him".

His coach said he was a "great athlete and a great kid as well" which is always a wonderful compliment! 

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