The Subjects of the Ingpire

 My husband, Jason, is the one responsible for dragging us all over the world.  He's in the oil and gas industry, and apparently you have to move every 2-4 years when you choose that as a career path.  Jason likes to go out into the woods/wilderness/mountains/African plains with a gun and do things I'd rather not talk about.

JR is the man with a plan.  He's decided he'll be following in the steps of President Ronald Reagan and be a Hollywood movie star, governor of California, and then president.
(Running as a Republican, of course!)
Older than his twin brother by a minute, he's usually "just happy to be there", but this kid will totally surprise you with what he can do...when he wants too, that is.
No doubt about it, Reed is The Boss.  He's always in everybody's business, and will force you to love him. If he's not the best at something...he'll keep trying until he is.