Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Tennis Man

Since Kyle was getting picked up early from school on Friday to head to San Antonio, I let Reed get picked up early too and we went to lunch.

He picked sushi.

Originally Reed was supposed to go to San Antonio and hang out with us this weekend, but then he was asked to play in a tennis tournament, so he stayed back to do that instead. 

He's just moved up a level (to green dot ball) so he went in to this tournament thinking he'd do it just for the experience. 

Turns out he did great!

Grandpa Gary got him there for his 1st match and Jason was able to get there in time to see him play his other 2 matches. 

Here he is with Grandpa and his Houston Racquet Club Jr. Grand Prix Runner-Up trophy. 

I love watching Reed play tennis, and I'm sad I missed his big tournament (runner-up) win! 

Monday, May 21, 2018

Diving in SA

We started bright and early Saturday morning at Kyle's 3 meter diving competition.

3 meters is pretty high up (but nothing compared to the 10 meter platform). 

We were pretty confidant Kyle would do well because his degree of difficulty on his dives were higher than all the other kids in his group.

But I was still too nervous to video him at competition, so I only videoed during warm-ups.

We were so excited that he won, we forgot to let him take a picture of just himself and his medal! 

We were done by 10:00, and Jason had to head back to Houston, so Granny and I decided to show Kyle San Antonio.

We did the Riverwalk

Ate Mexican food

And went to the Alamo.

Which pretty much checks all the boxes for San Antonio.

Sunday Kyle was diving Junior Olympic 1 meter.
 I Face-timed Jason and Reed (and Chloe and Daisy) so they could watch from home.  

Our only goal for him was that he score at least 100.  He scored 118!

Here are his warm-up dives. 

And Granny and I let him have a picture with just his medals. 

But we got pictures with him too!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

More Impressed with Him than When He Made a Balloon Animal

I don't even know where to start with the craziness that was this weekend, so I guess I'll start at the beginning.

If going to see Kenny Chesney after 20 years didn't make me feel old, going to our flower girl's wedding on Friday night certainly did.

Kyle had a diving meet in San Antonio this weekend, so Jason and I had plans to drive to San Antonio and meet up with Kyle and Granny Sherry after the wedding.

But on the way to the wedding, Jason's car got a flat tire.

I can't even begin to tell you how hot it was...except that I took a picture...and it was 1,000% humidity. 

We pulled over in a hospital parking lot (where Kyle and Reed were born) and Jason jumped out and changed the tire in a suit!  

He never even turned the car off (so I wouldn't have to sweat) and he didn't get one speck of dirt or grime on his white shirt.

I've never seen anything like it!

We were only 3 minutes late to the wedding, which, oh my goodness...
was an outdoor wedding (more heat!).

Other people were walking in after us and in my head I was like "we had a flat tire and we still beat you!"

Unfortunately, we couldn't drive Jason's car to San Antonio with the spare so we had to leave the reception early (we didn't get to eat) to drive an hour back home and change cars. 

I did make Jason take a quick picture of us on our way out of the reception to prove how good he looked after changing a tire and sitting through an outdoor wedding! 

We got back home, changed cars, and were off...we rolled in to San Antonio about 12:30.
Then we were up at 7:00 to start Kyle's diving meet...which I'll write about tomorrow. 

Friday, May 18, 2018

20 Years Later

 I went to the Kenny Chesney concert last night.
The last time I saw him was almost exactly 20 years ago.  

Which makes both Kenny and me sound really old. 

20 years later Kenny is still singing about sitting on a beach and drinking a beer.
(He is such a tiny little man.)

But he still puts on a very good (and fun) show!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Still Mad

Reed had his last baseball game on Saturday.  I'm still mad and can't talk about it, but I guess I'll write this anyway.

His little team that I didn't think would win 3 games all season made it to the 3rd round of playoffs. (And should have gone to the championship!)

They were ranked high enough that they had a bye for the 1st round.

And then in the 2nd round they were high enough to get to be the home team.  So JR got to announce and I got to run the scoreboard. 

Saturday was the 3rd playoff game and let's just say that an umpire made a call so bad that our entire stands booed, the other team admitted the call was wrong, and the other umpire on the field said the call was wrong.  But he refused to change his call.  

 It changed the whole game (that up until then we had been winning) and obviously I'm still mad about it. 

 Even though I will remember this team for getting robbed of going to the championship, Reed had a great season, and here are some fun pictures. 

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day has been celebrated.

There wasn't time for before church pictures, so everyone had to wait until I could totally re-do my hair since it's already so hot and humid in Houston that I had completely sweated my hair flat on the way to and from church.  

Then we all lined up in front of my next door neighbor's door 
(because it's a better photo backdrop than mine).

My favorite sons and daughter.

My mom and her favorite daughter and grandsons.

Granny with her favorite son and grandsons.

Then we went to the best Mother's Day buffet in town at the Racquet Club.  
We had our "professional" pictures made there, which my mom said  were "shelf  worthy". 

Happy Mother's Day to the mamas!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Stretching it Out

I took a page from JR's "celebrate as many days as you can" playbook and started celebrating Mother's Day on Thursday.
We had our annual Mother's Day luncheon on Thursday and we had lots of fun!

There were about 40 of us, and this was my table.

I kept celebrating today as I got a massage this morning!

Though I'm spending this "exciting" Saturday night doing laundry as people in this house think they need clean clothes...and I really didn't want to spend actual Mother's Day doing that.