Monday, July 16, 2018

Kyle Highlights

Both the boys had a great time on their trip.  Kyle told me he was ready to come home (but I think that was only so he could go to diving practice).  Reed told me he wanted to stay longer.

Here are Kyle's highlights:

 There was a trampoline, so flips could continually be practiced. 

Aunt Traci was there. 

There were lots of dogs to play with.

And he remembered to bring his glasses so he could actually see the animals.
 (Do you see the elephant behind them?)

And feeding giraffes was pretty cool too.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

All at 10

I have been terrible with blogging this month.  All the boys were gone, so there really wasn't much to say.  Then everyone came home, and I made a quick trip up to Colorado.  So now maybe I can get back to my normal blogging routine.

So the Namibian hunt was a success.  And even better, all the Ingersolls that live in the same house as me have killed an impala in Namibia when they were 10.  (I guess that's a big deal or something.) 





Monday, July 9, 2018

Bed Time

I'm very happy that for the rest of the summer all my kids (and husband) will be in the same country as I am.

Just as we got JR home from Spain, Jason, Kyle, Reed, Grandpa Gary and Aunt Traci left for Namibia.

Aunt Traci sent me these pictures of them about this time last night while waiting out their 9 hour layover in Doha.  

I'm so glad they will all be in my house in their own beds tonight! 

Saturday, July 7, 2018

2 in Print

2 of us made it into the magazines around town this month.

The Memorial Buzz contacted me after seeing Kyle's write up in the Racquet Club newsletter.  He's won two more first place's in 3 meter and qualified for nationals since this went to print.  I don't have a copy because I don't live in the right zip code to have one delivered, but I've had lots of texts from friends seeing it and are supposed to save me a copy.

And speaking of the Racquet Club newsletter, I'm in the summer edition from when we did our triathlon.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Float Winners

I was so excited that Shelley let me help decorate her son's 4th of July parade "float" since I didn't have any to decorate this year. 

I think we did an awesome job.  Zachary even caught right on to the importance of doing "Ta-Da" to present our masterpiece!

He also knows the importance of good costuming.  He was insistent on wearing his Easter Bunny mask for the picture.  

Zachary won the "flag" award today.  Shelley said they don't have an overall 1st place, and the kid that won the "push buggies and wagons" award had his house flooded in Harvey.  So we'll take the "flag" award knowing that we really won.

I mean, it even looks good from behind!

Speaking of having to let others win even though we should have...JR, Maw-Maw, and Paw-Paw took 2nd place in their float.  Loosing to the VFW for the 2nd year in a row.

Now I wasn't there to see if the VFW should have legitimately won.  But judging on what JR sent me, I'm pretty sure they shouldn't have.  JR and I were joking that we just needed to dress Paw-Paw up in his old army uniform.

Yesterday JR told me that they weren't going to really do much this year, and I told him he couldn't sully the Reynolds/Ingersoll 4th of July parade float name like that. 

 I'm happy to see that they decided to go ahead and go all out, or they considered this "not doing much".  Either way it's a total win in my book...even if it's a 2nd place win. 

Monday, July 2, 2018

Friend Vists

I got to see so many friends in the last few days, which was super exciting.

Tuesday night Cassidy was in town and I got to have dinner with her and Cassie.  It's always a fun night with these 2 girls. 

Then Kelly came in to town on Thursday and I got to spend the weekend with her. 

We went to a "ariel arts" class with our friend, Amy, on Saturday and my upper body is still so sore I can hardly move.

I was hoping "ariel arts" was going to become my new thing.

But after they had me hanging upside down and then spun me...I was out.  I was way too dizzy.  It definitely won't be my new thing.  Standing up and not spinning is more my speed.

We also saw Shelley and Meredith for dinner on Saturday night.
Kelly brought unicorn costumes, because...well, everyone needs a unicorn costume, right?

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

He Took Some Pictures!

I have to admit I'm shocked that JR actually took some pictures on his trip to Spain. 
Here are the highlights:

JR and Fergie at the Alhambra Palace in Granada. 
(JR described it as a "giant castle".)

 JR in front of a church in downtown Granada.

Fergie and JR at a paella cooking class.

The famous Nerja caves.  They weren't discovered until 1959 and they think this is just one entrance to a linked series of sinkholes that go miles into the mountains from Nerja to Granada. 

They toured the caves before they went to the Arabic baths where he said he got an "amazing" back massage. 

No big deal, just hanging out on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.
He said the water was freezing. 

Garden of the Alhambra (Alhambra is in the background.)

In the center of the Plaza Isabel la Católica with the statue of Queen Isabella  and Christopher Columbus.

JR hates soccer (as he always proclaims) and was not looking forward to the tour of the Real Madrid soccer stadium. 

 But he said it was a really nice tour and he actually really enjoyed it. 

The Fifi Wild cup

In the "dugout"  (he doesn't know what the soccer term is).

On the field 

Certificates of completion of his coursework at the University of Granada.

 Celebration dinner

JR showing off his flamenco moves

JR and his flamenco teacher