Thursday, March 22, 2018

Jumping High

Kyle, Reed and I went to see next door neighbor, Ben, compete in his track meet last night.
I've never been to a track meet before and have heard horror stories of how boring they are.

I actually thought it was fun...but then again, Kyle and I were 2 hours late coming from his diving practice, so maybe that had something to do with it.

Ben was in 3 running events, but his main focus is pole vaulting, which the boys and I just find fascinating.

We are so impressed with his pole vaulting skills, and he placed 2nd last night.

These 2 will certainly know where to go for lessons when they're old enough to pole vault!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

All Back Home

After spending spring break with us, S'mores the guinea pig was returned to Kyle's classroom safe and sound yesterday. 

She was actually very sweet and made some cute little noises when I gave her apples, but I was happy to have her returned...just because the thought of something happening to the class pet on my watch strikes fear in my heart. 

And if you're wondering how much bigger a guinea pig is than a hamster, here you go.

We also returned Steven after he spent spring break with us.

I'm glad we were able to have both Steven and S'mores.  They were both great house guests. 

Monday, March 19, 2018

Just One of the Guys

Chloe seemed to finagle her way in to some of the same spring break activities as the boys.

She went to Mr. Hamburger like them.

Rode fun farm equipment like them

And "played" with the class guinea pig like them,

Sunday, March 18, 2018

5 Different Hats

Today is the last day of the Houston Rodeo and since we aren't there, I guess we can say rodeo season is over.

Jason and I made it out to 5 rodeos this year, and we had lots of fun.

We went to opening night and saw Garth Brooks with the rest of the city of Houston. 

It only took us an hour to get out of the parking lot and get home...which, from what I heard, was super fast! 

Then we saw Blake Shelton

About 2 songs in I texted one of my friends and said, "He seems bored and like he'd rather be anywhere else in the world. I think he's drunk."  About that time he announced that he had the flu.  

We saw Cody Johnson who's from Sebastopol, TX which is right down the road from my parents.

And we saw Luke Bryan.  Who is so cheesy, but puts on such a good show I can't help but love it!

And we ended the other night when JR had the best seats in the house for Zac Brown band.

I got to wear all the cowboy hats I wanted except one!  There's always next year...

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Fishing Tournament

We continued out spring break up at my parents where Steven, Kyle, and Reed decided to have a fishing tournament.

They fished for 2 days, even getting up at 6 AM to fish... now that's dedication!

Steven was the winner with 42 fish.

Reed had 31 fish

and Kyle had 20

They threw them all back in, so I'm sure a few of those got caught twice...but I'd say those are big results. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A Fair day for the Fair

It's been gorgeous weather here in Houston this spring break.  (Too cold to go swimming, but perfect for everything else.)

We loaded up all the boys that would fit in our car and headed over to the rodeo fair on Tuesday.

We parked in the empty lot that used to be Astroworld and Jason and I reminisced about our old Astroworld days as kids.

I even made my bunch stop and take a picture on the old Astroworld overpass.

The big boys disappeared from us immediately, but the rest of us were happy to partake in some good fair food.

fried Reese's

fried cookie dough

And we stayed away from some that didn't sound so good. 

The boys rode scary rides (that I find even more scary because I don't trust carnivals).

And we even ran in to this bunch once or twice

I used to have to explain how all the carnival games are rigged, but now Kyle and Reed watch so much Inside Edition they know all about it.

They finally settled on the water race game because somebody has to win. 

And that somebody was Reed who picked out a sequined snake as his prize.

Sequined snakes also help you have the best cheesy photo-op picture of the day.

We were all worn out when we got home.  It was a fun way to spend the day.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

A Wave, A Flash, and a Good Concert

When the rodeo schedule came out JR started begging for Zac Brown Band tickets.
 Jason definitely came through in a big way.  I wish we could have taken the seats from JR and sat in them ourselves!

They were in the "chute seats" and were so close to the bull riders they were taking to them while they were getting ready to ride.

"They" is JR and his friend, Steven (from our Durango days), who's been with us since Sunday celebrating spring break.

This was the only picture I got of them (in the parking lot with the Texans practice bubble behind them) before we turned them loose at the rodeo.

Jason and I knew about where they were sitting, but we were both busy talking to people, and never actually went to look to see if  we could see them sitting in their seats.  
I did know they were there since my friend, Cassie, texted me that she saw JR down in front of her. 

I knew JR's seats let you go down on the floor of the rodeo during the concert, but I wasn't sure where they would end up, or even what side they were on.  I just knew their seats were better than mine!

My view...not from the floor.

I should have known those 2 would end up front row.  And it was easy for me to spot JR during Chicken Fried...I'd know that clap anywhere!

(I put JR's name right above him.)

They both reported that everything was "amazing".  Zac Brown pointed at JR when JR was waving to him, and a girl in the front row flashed Zac Brown...I'm sure that was the high point in making it "amazing."

JR also reported that the lady next to him asked him "How do you know the words to this song?" when they played Van Halen's Panama.  JR said, "My mom makes me listen to it on the radio."
  Such good parenting on my part!