Friday, August 17, 2018

All Good Days

Everyone had a good first day of school yesterday.

JR had a good first day of high school.  
(Jason keeps reminding me that I need to calm down because I  don't actually get to be in all his activities with him...drama, debate, and choir.)

Kyle and Reed had a good first day of  5th grade.

I had a good first day of my last year as an elementary school volunteer .
 (I'm a 5th grade graduation chair and we were selling sunglasses for a fund raiser.) 

And Chloe had a good day relaxing while she waited on everyone to come home.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Where Did it Go?

This is officially the fastest summer ever. 
It seems like we just got out of school last week and here we are going back.

Reed finished off the summer with a tennis tournament the same day we picked JR and Kyle up at camp.

Granny Sherry took him over to College Station to play, and they passed the time between matches at the mall.  Reed even got some dragon's breath.

He was happy with how he played and was runner-up in the consolation match. 

I took both Kyle and Reed to a last day of summer lunch yesterday (JR went to lunch with his friends).  They picked the Chinese Buffet for their last hurrah.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Mr. Smiley

When Kyle was at camp I got a postcard from his cabin counselor telling us how much he liked Kyle because he was "always smiling and always in a good mood." 

Of course we know that about him, but its always nice to hear it from other people. 

Kyle had a fantastic 2 weeks at camp.  

Not only did he have a date to the "Over the Hill" dance

But his team won 1st place in the swimming medley relay in the all camp swim meet. 

He won 2nd place in the long jump, and he came home as the Most Outstanding waterskier at camp.

He's already looking forward to next year! 

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The King

On the way up to camp Jason said, "If I were one of those camp counselors I would be so ready to get rid of JR, I can only imagine how bad he's been strutting around up there." 

With it being his last year (and his hair looking this good in pictures) it's only natural to assume there was quite a bit of strutting going on. 

But little did we know, we were only at the tip of the iceberg.

We get there only to find out JR had been voted Carnival King by all the kids in camp the night before.  

The king and queen with all their princes and princesses

Needless to say, JR had a fantastic last year at camp.  He even got Order of the Olympia which I think means over the 5 years he was there he won/earned all the patches that you can get. 

And in his 2 weeks, he even managed to take 1 picture with his brother.

Monday, August 13, 2018

More Winnings

Thursday night was our last hurrah with Reed as an "only child".

We went to the Astros game and sat in different seats than we usually do.  Sean and Reed were excited.

They were really great seats, but I was having a panic attack for most of the game that a foul ball was going to hit me in the face. 

Reed and Sean are masters of getting themselves on the jumbotron in our usual seats, but at this game they mastered the art of catching stuff from the "cheerleaders"  (they aren't really cheerleaders, but I don't know what else to call them).

Reed caught a ball (not a real baseball, but a squishy one) and Sean caught a T-shirt!

They were very excited with their "winnings". 

Thursday, August 9, 2018

We're Good at Games

Reed and I went to Dave and Busters the other day.

He was a winner at quite a few of the games. 

But nothing like the 1,000 tickets I won at Candy Crush on my first try.

Reed was super impressed with my gaming ability, and those 1,000 tickets meant he brought this guy home. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Get Newked

Reed is an only child this week as he is home from the John Newcombe Tennis Ranch.  He said he loved, loved, loved tennis camp.  Everything was super fun and great, except for the food which he said was "too healthy". 

 He won the "Fearsome Forehand" award (he said his award was real and lots of the other kids just got "made up awards:).  

And most importantly he got runner-up in the camp tournament.  
He also was very excited to win a boomerang in the "Get Newked" competition where his team came in 2nd for hitting the most targets. 

We were super proud of his evaluation sheet which talked about his great forehand and mentioned twice how fast he is.  They even mentioned his "baseball speed"...which is nice to hear since the usual tennis comments are trying to "get the baseball out of him".

His coach said he was a "great athlete and a great kid as well" which is always a wonderful compliment!