Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Jumbo-tron Stars

We went to the Astros game last night (win 12 of their streak) 

Kyle didn't want to go, and Sean was over playing with Reed so it was the 4 of us.

Sean and Reed got themselves on the jumbo-tron, not once...but 3 times!

The first time I got a bad picture, but you get the idea.

I missed their second time because I thought I was videoing and I wasn't.
It was the "dance cam" and they were flossing (of course).

But I guess the 3rd time was a charm for me finally getting them.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Comprobando en Juan Roberto (Checking in on JR)

The group that JR is with in Spain told us they would be posting pictures to a website each day.
They haven't been doing that, so I've really had no idea how JR is doing (since he doesn't check in with us).

Last night I happen to get on Twitter and was excited to see that his principal had posted some pictures from their trip.

This tweet cracked me up because their principal is Dr. Williams.  JR has always called him "D Willy" when he talks about him...and I guess JR let Dr. Williams know that on this trip.

This was from their trip to Antequera. That's JR in the lime green shirt. 

And I have no idea where they are, why JR is the only one shirtless, or where he got a cowboy hat. 

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to my daddy, Jason, and Gary!

We had a nice brunch at the Racquet Club to celebrate them today. 

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Celebrating Trump's Birthday

Thursday was our president's birthday.

It was very sweet of my friend's to celebrate Trump's birthday for me in such a big way.

Thursday is my normal spin class day. I got to pick the music, and since almost every one of my songs was from a 1980's hair band, they decorated my bike in rocker chic, everyone dressed up in rocker black, and we all wore Bret Michael's bandannas. 
 (Who knew Trump was such a fan of spin and Motley Crue?)

Here's my bike, they even put my fan right in front of it for me.

They put me in front of the class to ride next to our teacher.  Everyone knows I'm always lip syncing along to the songs I like, so they gave me a blow up microphone to "perform" in to whenever I wanted.  You can see it hanging down from the bike. 

Then April, Jenn, and Julie took me to lunch at a new "it" Houston place Fig and Olive.

They know Trump and I love a party hat...

And we also love ridiculousness

You can see I wasn't excited at all that they got Trump a birthday cake too! 

Then Jason and I went to dinner that night at Emmaline.  I had been there for the school's Mother's Day lunch, but Jason (and probably Trump) hadn't.  I don't have a picture from that. 

So our president's birthday day was definitely celebrated big time. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Juan Roberto va a Espana

I dropped JR off at the airport yesterday for his 2 week Spain trip.

He is going with his middle school Spanish class, and there are about 20 kids going.  Fergie and JR are going to be roommates, and I'm so glad I have his mom on speed dial since Fergie will actually contact her in the next 2 weeks.

They landed in Madrid at 8:30 AM (around 1:30 AM our time I think) and took as bus to Cordoba.  They'll stay in Cordoba a few days and then they head to Granada.

In Granada they stay in a nunnery and Spanish nuns cook for them. They have college classes from 10:00-2:00 to learn about what they are going to see (in Spanish, of course) and then they go site-seeing in the afternoon and evening.

JR's homecoming date went on this trip last year and she absolutely loved it, so we know it's an awesome trip and are really excited for him. 

Monday, June 11, 2018

Church Camp

Kyle and Reed left for church camp yesterday.  It's a quick camp for them and they will be home on Wednesday.

They had lots of fun last year, and were excited to go back this year.

They posted a few pictures online, and I was surprised to find Kyle and Reed since there were tons of kids that went. 

There's Reed on the volleyball court.

And Kyle at the end of the lunch table with Reed across from him.

And I'm pretty sure that's Reed on the right hand side of the bench and Kyle down below in the water.  It looks like they're watching The Greatest Showman, which they both love, so it would make sense that the both have "front row" seats.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Best Camp Pickup Ever

Every other camp pick up I've ever been to is just a normal pick-up your kid situation.
Ski camp pick up was a bit more fun.

We had heard that the kids do a ski-by the Lake Breeze Ski Lodge the evening before camp is over.  So Jenn and I got a room there for Thursday night and drove up yesterday afternoon.

There were 7 kids from our elementary school there, so all the moms met up at the lodge last night (some spent the night there, some at friends' lake houses).

We moms definitely made the best of our time waiting for the kids to ski by....and then continued to make the best of our time until who knows when.

The ski-by was so good!  Reed is in the yellow shirt.  He didn't know we were coming, so I was excited to get a wave that he saw me.

Then later on, the kids showed back up at the lodge for cake, so we got to see them again and give them a hug.

Then this morning the camp director talked about each kid and gave them a medal.  He talked about Reed's skiing and then said "and he's a really, really nice kid."

All the Hunters Creek kids.  
At a camp with only 24 kids, 7 kids from one elementary school is a lot! 

Reed said he "loved, loved, loved camp" and wants to go back next year.