Friday, October 20, 2017

Yard of Stars

I'm so happy I'm not a school auction chair this year I hardly know what to do with myself.

But that doesn't mean I'm immune to all things auction.

Our yard got "splashed" the other day, and then I "got" to give a donation to have it moved to another friend's yard.

The boys were excited though.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

A First of the Last Ones

JR had his fall choir concert last night.

They sounded great, and I could hear JR, which is always fun.

This is his last fall concert of middle school, so we had to take lots of pictures. 

 He looks just a tad older than he did at his first middle school fall concert.  (He's with his choir teacher.)
We got pictures with Jason and Grandpa.

Then Kyle and Reed had to be in it.

We got a grandmother picture.
JR is definitely taller than Maw-Maw's hair, and about the same size as Granny Sherry now.

Then we took a Paw-Paw picture.

And Kyle and Reed had individual Paw-Paw pictures

And yes, I was there too, but I don't get to be in the pictures.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Not Dancing

While JR was off at homecoming, Kyle and Reed were off with Jason and Grandpa hunting.

Kyle shot a hog, but he shot it in the stomach and it ran off.  Those things are definitely hard to kill.

Reed took a black buck (which I have no idea what that is, but it looks like this.) 

He was very excited!

Monday, October 16, 2017

And the Dance

We are officially finished with "HOCO 2K17".

I thought Taylor and JR both looked super cute (and age should see some of the dresses the girls!)

Full length picture

We even brought Chloe over so they could have a dog picture.
Look at Angel's smile! 

I told JR not to think his homecoming dinner was the standard because he'll never again get to watch the Astros playoff game and the TX/OU football game while Texans cheerleaders are sitting at the table behind him.

Or get a homecoming picture with Toro.

They said they had fun at the dance, but that the DJ was terrible.
But all in all it was a great night. 

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Some Big Mums

The big homecoming dance is tonight, and the big homecoming game was a success. 
 (Memorial even won, which was surprising!)

Taylor and JR exchanged giant all good Texans do.

And they posed for before game pictures. 
This is JR's "I think I'm awesome since I'm an 8th grader with a homecoming date" smile. 

Taylor's brother, Sean, and Reed are BFFs, so we sent them to the game with them so the car ride wouldn't be so awkward.  

Reed reported that he and Sean had a blast at the game, and that all the kids yell out "JaaaaayR Ingersoll" whenever they see JR. Doing the morning announcements for 3 years straight definitely makes you famous...or maybe the better word is 'infamous'. 

We didn't send Kyle because JR and Kyle fight and we wanted Taylor to have an enjoyable homecoming game. 
It wasn't hard to bribe him to skip the game and hang out with Jason and me instead.

It was a fun night for all. 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Just a Bit

I've already told the boys that we are not doing our normal Christmas decorations this year.

It just seems tacky to go all out with decorations when thousands of people in Houston are either living in a torn up house or not living in their house at all.

I told them the same was true for Halloween, but Kyle and Reed have driven me crazy that they wanted "something" for Halloween.

I didn't put out any of my normal inside decorations, and I only brought out the bare minimum for outside.

So this is my compromise of decorating for the kids, but not going over the top.

Monday, October 9, 2017

2 Loosers

Both the Astros and the Texans lost yesterday.

There was a moment in the Texans game when we were only down by 6, but that was literally just a moment.

And watching JJ Watt in probably the last game he'll ever play was pretty depressing too. 
We Texans love us some JJ.

The whole family went together

but we didn't sit together.

Which is totally fine since JR and Granny love our new quarterback.  They have lots to talk about.

Jason and I prefer to hang out, talk (not about football), and take selfies with the good filters.