Sunday, March 31, 2013

EB and P-P

It's Easter and Paw-Paw's birthday!
So we'll celebrate both with pictures with the Easter Bunny.
I never did make it to the mall to do a proper EB picture.
This free one from Walmart will just have to do.
Granny Sherry sent me this one and I fell over laughing.
She took Hunter and her dog, Daisy, to Broomfield's dog Easter egg hunt.
(Yep, there were actual dog treats in the eggs.) 

Happy Easter and Happy Birthday Paw-Paw!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday

Isaiah 53:6
All of us, like sheep, have strayed away.
We have left God's paths to follow our own. Yet the Lord laid on him the sins of us all.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Skate City

JR brought home 3 coupons for free rollerskating over spring break.
$1.50 for skate rentals and 6 bucks later we were ready to go.
Along with everyone else in the tri-city area.
I'm pretty sure every bored mom, babysitter, daycare, and daycamp were using their free coupons too, but hey, we weren't going to let a few gazillion people get in our way.
I almost changed my mind and called it a day after they got their skates on.
 They looked like cartoon characters falling and stumbling around.
But I introduced them to their new best friend, the wall, and after they got more comfortable, was able to use some of my "skillz" and skate with them holding their hands.

About an hour in they weren't falling down every five seconds.
(I think Kyle's even trying to dance here.)
(And, thankfully, JR was super helpful, and didn't just skate off and leave me with the both of them.)
Two hours later, I was a huge sweaty mess, but there were no broken bones and they both proclaimed they want to go back.
Maybe next time I can really show off my moves!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It's Spring Break

Have I mentioned it's spring break?
These people expect me to keep them entertained at all times.

So what that I took them to the 10:50 showing of Oz cause it's only 4 bucks?
They'd been up since 7:00, so that's like the middle of the day for them!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

At Least We Didn't Sled Again

So while it was snowing this weekend, Jason and I decided it'd be a perfect time to paint.
(Cause that's what comes to mind when it snows, right?)
Luckily, we weren't the only crazy people thinking home improvement was a top priority in a snow storm.
So this is what our wall looked like before.
(With Kyle climbing on a ladder)

And after.
(With Reed at his desk)

Looks great if I do say so myself!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Welcome Spring

Wow, thanks spring.
(Yes, Texans, that would be a "wall" of snow.)

The weather has been super fun since you arrived.

My Easter yard art is really enjoying that foot of snow you left us. 
Really awesome.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Question for HGTV

Tell me again why I have couches?

Thursday, March 21, 2013

You Never Send Me Flowers

We always saw parents bringing flowers to their children after the other plays JR had been in.
Jason and I both knew we needed to do something special for him after his big performance, but we weren't sure what.
I said we could go ahead and get him flowers, but Jason wasn't on board with it.
So, I came up with my own version of flowers...which JR liked waaayyy better anyway.

I just hot glued (of course) wooden craft sticks to the back of the candy.
Then used green tissue paper I thought looked liked floral paper.
Just check out that eye make-up. I wish mine looked that good!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

He's The King

The night before I left for Dallas was JR's debut as King Arthur.
And, as we all know,  I might exaggerate from time to time to make a story better, but seriously, there's no exaggeration here:
He was the youngest in the show and the lead.  He was King Arthur in a play titled "King Arthur".
No matter what, he was going to make or break this play.
I was so nervous I thought I might throw-up.
JR was nervous in the first scene (which I could tell) but then got into a rhythm and nailed it.
(I stayed nervous until the very last scene.)
We were so proud of him, and so thankful that he had so many people in the audience supporting him.
JR as Arthur, the boy who would be king.

JR as King Arthur. He couldn't have loved the sword props more.
Talking with Merlin the Wizard.
His first love interest, Guenevere!
(Of course, they look a little mismatched, Guenevere being an older woman of 12 and all.)
And a few videos for you:
This one is King Arthur welcoming his new Knights of the Round Table (and only 29 seconds).
This one is one of his two choreographed sword fights.
(This one includes a mishap so watch for a flying sword..and only 43 seconds.)
JR's sweet friends fan club:
Friend Nicolas from school
And the neighborhood friends, Alex and Nolan
His next turn on stage will be in Alice in Wonderland this summer, he's already talking about what part he wants!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Here Comes the Bride

Caroline's wedding weekend started with a super fun rehearsal dinner at Coal Vines.
I gave a toast assuring Jason (Caroline's groom) that Caroline will have no problems with her wedding vows since she's learned everything she needs to know from her favorite movies:
For better or worse- Dirty Dancing
In sickness and in health- Tombstone
For richer or poorer- Steel Magnolias
Til death do us part- 9 to 5
Sharing a post toast giggle with the happy couple.
Both the wedding and the reception were at the Ritz, and couldn't have been more beautiful.
Just check out the centerpieces!
And the cake
And the groom's cake
(Jason is a realtor.)
And have you ever seen such awesome shoes?
Caroline looked stunning, and definitely had the best bustle I've ever seen.
Me with the groom.
And the gorgeous bride.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Takin' in the Texans

I was in Dallas this weekend for my friend, Caroline's, wedding (more on that later).
And I can't believe the number of Texans I was able to see in just a weekend!
Thanks to Cassidy for picking me up at the airport, Kelly for driving me around, and Marcia, Shari, and Adrienne for coming to meet up with me.
Durango Escapees!
I haven't seen Caroline's brother and sister-in-law, Gerry and Theresa, since college.
I loved getting to catch up with them.
(And they were so sweet to endure me talking their ears off!)
Kelly and I just happened to run into some of our sorority sisters, Kerrie and Shannon, in the lobby of the Ritz.  (They were there for a birthday party.)
We may or may not have been stalking Jon Bon Jovi who was also staying there.
I've known Heather and Kelly (another Kelly) since we were freshman at UT.  I hadn't seen them in forever either. (The bride-to-be in the middle)
And I got to spend Saturday afternoon with all my favorite Dallas girls:
Marcia, Kelly, Shari, and Adrienne.
Now that's what I call reunions!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Fashion Fabulous Friday

Subway is giving away Phineas and Ferb bags with their Happy Meals.
Kyle thinks it's a hat.


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Something You Never See Me Do

I'm still not sure how I got myself in to this, but under Debbie and Denise's rouse of a "fun night out", I was told to sign up for "Chef's Table Date Night" at Sur La Table. 
Now, at the time, all of that sounded awesome to me. 
I know the chef's table is where you eat in the kitchen while the chef prepares you a fancy dinner. 
Unfortunately, I somehow missed the part about how we were the chefs!
Needless to say, I had almost broken into a flop sweat by the time we arrived for what I now knew was really a cooking class.
The first thing they wanted to see were our knife skills.
Knife skills? Are you kidding me?
And did I mention the knife looked like this?!
I literally took a sigh of relief when they told us we were working in groups of four.
And honestly, there's no way I could have gotten this meal on the table if I'd had to do it myself.
My group (notice I'm no where near the actual cooking area)
Jason using fire!
So here's our meal "we" made:
-Pan-seared steak with bourbon mushrooms
 -asparagus with tarragon butter (But the butter went mysteriously missing so the teachers whipped up something else. I promise I didn't eat it. Really, it wasn't me!)
-lavender creme brulee (I didn't like it, I thought the lavender made it taste like lotion/soap.)
-and mini crab cakes with lemon-garlic aioli (Which I don't have a picture of because we gobbled those up so fast.)
My friends that "tricked" me into signing up for a cooking class.
They let me hold the big knife for the picture.
All kidding (and cooking) aside, it was a super fun night!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I'm Done After This One

I thought I was done talking about the snow, but I've got one more day in me.
Today was gorgeous; I wore shorts and short sleeves!
Which means the snow is melting fast.
So when Kyle and Reed told me they were going out to make a snowman, I certainly wasn't expecting them to come to the door and holler for me to "come look, we made two!"
So I had to laugh when I saw them standing on the back porch with these.
(You might also notice Reed's Crocs/gloves combo and Kyle's shorts/snowboots combo. Nice.)
I guess my giggle, and their excitement over a photo-op, gave them just the motivation they needed to whip up this little snowman family.
(Riding in the back of a broken dump truck...soooo East Texas meets Colorado of them!)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Told Ya So

Not only did this snow storm bring Kyle and Reed lessons in become sled projectiles, but they also learned the great universal truth: mom and dad are always right.

We're always telling them not to bang their skis together on the ski lift.

And as Kyle and I were riding the lift together, I noticed a small ski down on the ground below us.
I said, "Look Kyle. That's Reed's ski! That's why I'm always telling you not to bang your skis! Do you see that?"
Kyle: Oh. I didn't know you really knew what you were taking about.
But Reed now knows exactly what we're talking about.
The ski patrol was nice enough to volunteer to go get his ski, but Jason said, "Nope, he's gonna learn."
And Reed walked himself down to retrieve his ski. (The skiing walk of shame.)
That's Jason on the left, Reed (ski-less) in the middle, and ski patrol on the right
The site of the incident. 
JR holding the fallen ski, with Kyle waiting.

Monday, March 11, 2013

This is Fun. I Think.

There was enough snow (again) this weekend for the kids to go sledding (again).
All is good.
Still good.

A slight problem might be in the works.

Not looking good.

Houston, we have lift off.
One's down.
Two are down.

Don't worry. They came up all smiles and headed back up the hill.

But somebody might want to warn this one he's not 5.

Thinking "snowboarding" on a sled is a good idea.

Starting to rethink that idea.

Things get bad.
And then get worse.
Don't worry. No emergency room trips necessary.