Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Moving Math

5 people + 1 dog in 1 hotel room = thank goodness for hotel swimming pools!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Coming from a New D

We were planning on leaving Durango on Tuesday, but apparently that wasn't soon enough for Durango's liking.
With a storm blowing in and 18 inches of snow predicted for Wolf Creek Pass (the pass we have to go over to get to Denver) we hit the road this afternoon.
Which, as you can see, suits this bunch just fine.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Big Guns Have Arrived

Look what just pulled up!

Friday, February 24, 2012

FFF- Reedy Reed and The Funky Bunch

Who would have thought Reed would be so well versed in early 90's fashion?

For those of you much younger or slightly older than myself, the picture on the right would be none other than two time Academy Award nominee, Mark Wahlberg, when he was known as (and what I still call him) Marky Mark.
Lead "singer" of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.

(And as always, this is Reed's own creation.  He walked in the kitchen just like this...hat backwards and everything.)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Looks a Little Different

The packers came today.
They have to do an inventory as they pack. 

Today's inventory was 4 sheets, 30 lines on each sheet.
The house is definitley emptying out.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Out of the Gate

I was so proud of these pictures I just couldn't bring myself to put them with the ones from yesterday.
Jason and JR decided to try the racing course, and I couldn't have been more impressed.

It doesn't look it, but it is seriously steep when you're standing in the gate looking down.
(I skipped the course and opted for the photographer job.)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I'm Gonna Miss This

I give Durango a hard time for being....well, Durango.
But I have to admit, I really will miss having Purgatory right up the road.

The first rule of skiing?
You have to carry all your own equipment.
Of course I was able to take this picture because, thankfully, that rule does not apply to me.

These little things think they're professional skiers.

They're just not aware they haven't made it off the bunny hill yet.

We always ran into friends to ski with

and the scenery is pretty good too.

Monday, February 20, 2012

A First Week Revisit

The first week we lived in Durango Kyle and Reed were so sick the doctor almost put them in the hospital.
(I went back to look for a post about it, but I just briefly mentioned it. I think I was embarrassed that I'd let them get so sick before I took them to the doctor.)
They're oxygen levels were at 84% and they were on breathing treatments for about 2 weeks.

So it's only fitting that our last week in Durango I went back to the doctor with Reed having the same symptoms. 
(Do I get mom points that it was only 1 of my children that I let get so sick?)

Is that a pitiful face or what?

And with a 91% oxygen level we had to do a breathing treatment in the office so the doctor could do an accurate check for pneumonia.
(Photo by Dr. JR)

On a side note, it also came a huge snow storm the first week we lived here, and I'd prefer that little episode not be revisited this last week too.

But thankfully, Reed's pneumonia and ear infection free...and hopefully on the mend!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Hangers Are Bigger

Kyle and Reed had their last Durango gymnastic class.
It made me a little sad since they've been going since they started doing this in my house.

Hanging is still their favorite.

But, they also like jumping

And whatever these maneuvers are called.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Fashion Fabulous Friday

Two weeks in a row I get to be the star of FFF!
(Kyle's not going to be happy with me stealing his thunder like that.)

Last night was "Flashdance" bunco.
And FYI, if you're ever looking for a party theme, this was a great one.

Surprisingly, I have to thank Jason since he contributed most of my costume.
I cut out the top of an old sweatshirt he was throwing away, slapped on his afro wig...and I was ready to go.

I haven't seen this many sweatshirts and leg warmers since 1984!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Three's Company

With Jason in Denver, I spent Valentine's Day evening with my 3 little cupids.
They told me they wanted to go out to eat, but "not to a place where they just warm up the food."

Their choice...
To be fair, we only have 2 sit down chain restaurants in the whole town (Applebee's is the other).

So Denny's it was.

It is kind of nice to always have somebody (Kyle) that wants to sit by me.

The other side of the table.

All my valentines gearing up for our fine dining experience.

And it was here at Denny's, on this special day, that I witnessed the greatest act of love JR could ever bestow upon someone:

He let Reed have two bites of his soup. 
JR sharing a spoon (much less food) is beyond huge.

We ended the evening with a trip to Baskin Robbins, where I was hoping Kyle would lose interest and give me his cone.
No such luck.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It

My theme this Valentine's was (say it with me): Make it easy on yourself.

Easy #1:  Valentines

I almost feel guilty I put so little effort into the kids' Valentines.  
Now I've told y'all before about the joys of after Christmas shopping. I literally keep checking the Christmas clearance aisles until everything is gone.
Wal Mart had these Star Wars stocking stuffers for 90% off. 
10 cents a piece, baby!
I slapped a to/from sticker on the back of each of them and all 3 kids' classes were outfitted for a grand total of $5.20.
(JR and Reed gave the marshmallow pops, Kyle gave the bag of chocolate coins.)

Easy #2: Refreshments

I pulled out an oldie but goodie for this one. The Rice Krispie sushi was a huge hit in the past, and it worked like a charm again this year. 
I even used the same plate as the last time I made them.

Easy #3: Game Time

I recycled a game we played at Cub Scouts which is basically "dress up hot potato". 
 I named it "You Look Hot, Potato" for today, and had 2 games going at once (one for the boys, one for the girls). 

As you can see, JR's class and Kyle would totally get along! 
(Look closely, you'll see many "looks" that have been featured in Fashion Fabulous Friday.)

All kidding aside, what would Valentine's Day be without JR counting his admirers,

and Kyle and Reed totally thinking the 3rd grade party was for them.
(Look at 'em propped up at the cookie decorating station like they own the joint.)

Monday, February 13, 2012

A Literal Snow Bunny

Just to reiterate:
Snow at Purgatory = good.
Snow at my house = bad.

That said, we had a foot of bad in about 24 hours, and as I type this, there's more bad going on.
There was so much bad falling from the sky that we didn't even head up to the mountain yesterday.
But Kylie was nice enough to take JR and TC over to the neighborhood "hill" so they could get a little skiing in.

While waiting, JR and Reed decided they needed to make a "snowman rabbit" since they love TC's bunny, Charlotte, so much.

What they're lacking in facial details, they certainly made up for in ears!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bike It Out

I was finally able to get some good pictures of Kyle and Reed riding their new bikes.
They've only had them a month and they're already begging to go race at the "dirt bike track".
(Of course they are.)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Fashion Fabulous Friday

The Snowdown theme this year was "Once Upon a Time", so there were plenty of costuming opportunities to be had.

Surprisingly, I didn't have anything I thought would work in my prop closet, so I ordered a "fairy tale" costume.
I (having what I'll refer to as "moving brain") thought Snowdown was a week later than it actually was, so my fairy tale costume didn't arrive until the day after I needed to wear it.
(On a related note, look for me to be wearing a hood of a crimson color when Halloween rolls around.)

Knowing my prop closet wasn't going to help me, I turned to my real closet, and lo and behold, I remembered a shower cap Jason's step mom had given me for Christmas.

And from that shower cap, Little Miss Muffet was born.

I don't have a full length shot, but I made pantaloons from some pink and red pajama pants and happened to have a pair of pink striped socks on hand.
So that would be 'yes', I totally pranced around Durango all evening with a shower cap on my head!

The kids sort of dressed up.
JR wanted to be Prince Caspian from the Chronicles of Narnia series, but he couldn't find anything he thought was Caspian-ish enough.
He settled on what he said was a "gangster".
(Not that it mattered, you couldn't see anything under his coat anyway.)

When I left the house, Kyle was wearing one of my tiaras and saying he was going as a princess.
By the time he arrived at the parade with his daddy and brothers, he looked like this.
(And just so we're clear, I was totally fine with Kyle going as a princess.)

And though Strawberry Shortcake isn't a story book character, I did look a bit like her.
So I whipped up a spider bracelet from left over Cub Scout supplies as a finishing Miss Muffet touch.