Friday, July 31, 2015

Hang On One More Day, Kids!

Today is the last day of camp.
I know the kids can't wait for us to pick them up tomorrow.
Seeing them so upset is just breaking my heart.

Kyle and Reed had a rollerblading routine to We Will Rock You worked up for the talent show.
 As you can see by their scared faces it doesn't look like the audience was cheering for them at all.

Just so, so sad.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I Think They Miss Me

As you can see, everybody looks quite miserable.
I'm afraid they are really homesick.




Monday, July 27, 2015

All Gone

So all 3 kids are away at camp.

We dropped Kyle and Reed off yesterday, and they were very excited.
We thought we might see JR, but they were in their cabins having "rest time" after lunch, so we didn't.

Kyle and Reed's drop off was just like JR's...complete with decorated car (and 3 grandparents).


We'll get to see them all on Saturday when we pick everybody up.

Saturday, July 25, 2015


It's soooo hot.
Texas hot.
Here's Kyle "surfing" to cool things off.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

End of the Season

Baseball is over for the summer (there are actually two more games, but Kyle and Reed will be at camp next week) and though they didn't win many of them, I think it was successful. 
 The best part was that every kid on their team goes to their school. So it was fun to have so many friends on the team.

Reed moved up to 1st batter and even hit a (inside the fence) home run this season. Jason and  I figured they had Reed 1st batter because he was almost a sure bet to get on base.  (I think they caught a pop up on him one time.)  Even if he doesn't hit it far, he's fast, and can out run the ball to 1st.  Here's one of his hits JR happened to video. (With JR's "busy" schedule this is the only game he was able to make.)

He also made some great plays at  pitcher, shortstop, and 2nd base...I would be surprised if Reed isn't playing in the infield come spring.

Kyle had a really good first season.  He struck out his 1st time at bat in the 1st game (I say it's because he was chewing gum...he was concentrating on his gum more than anything), and then he never struck out again. 
Kyle could always get up there and hit the ball.  He might get out, but he was going to hit it.
 Kyle's big play of the season was hitting a game winning double.  That hit brought in the two runs we needed to win the game. And JR just happened to get it on video.

Considering he never played baseball, I was surprised when he got a couple of kids out at 2nd this season too.

So all in all, it was great practice for both of them, and they are both excited to play in the spring. And best of all, baseball isn't the miserable, boring sport I thought it was going to be.

Monday, July 20, 2015


We were in Clear Lake with Granny Buffie's family this weekend.
There were stunts, and party boats, and pool wrestling...which if you were going to go to the emergency room, you'd think might involve some of those things.


 No, it was the innocent act of just hanging out on a houseboat and leaning up against something jutting out of the wall.

Kyle didn't cry that he got hurt, the tears were because we made him leave (and miss out on fun) to go to the ER.

3 staples later and he's good as new.

So with 3 boys we've now had every form of putting open wounds back together:
JR was glued, Reed was stitched, and Kyle is stapled.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Week One

JR has been at camp for a week.
Thankfully the camp posts pictures everyday since if all I had to go on was this "awesome" letter, I'd have no idea what was going on.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Fashion Fabulous Friday

So my cruise picture problem was resolved.
I have to give it to Royal Caribbean...I figured we'd never see the 5 pictures we ordered, but they apologized for the mix-up and sent me every picture we took, so yay for great customer service.
Here are some where we're all smiling and looking at the camera with our eyes open.
(And, as always, act surprised if you happen to see one or two show up on a Christmas card.)


If you're wondering why the other 2 don't have individual portraits, they were off at the club.