Monday, July 13, 2015

Schlitterbahn #5

We did our 5th annual Schlitterbahn trip last week and it was great.
Our friends from Durango that were native Texans (and are all Texans again) met us there which made it fun for everybody.
The "big" kids were able to do their own thing and were allowed to go wherever they wanted.
(And they were very sweet to the little ones, which made it very enjoyable.)

The "little" kids, which we decided we really should call "medium" kids, had to hang with us a bit more than they would have preferred, but they had a blast...even with us old people.

The kids were first in line each morning for the 3 rides that have a long wait (they jumped the fence by our room to be first in the park).  So we had the whole day to have lots of fun without having to stand in line for hours for those rides (Master Blaster, Dark Knight, and Wolfpack).
Here's the one picture of all the kids together (waiting to boogie board).
Kyle and Knox are peeking around the others, but they're there.

And here are all the adults except for Steven.
(Liz, me, Cassidy, Brad, and Jason)
  We stayed in the same place as last year, so our cabins were just outside the pool where the kids could swim after the park closed.  (After 5 years we've got Schlitterbahn down to a science.)

This is one of my favorite pictures from the trip.
So yes, a good time was definitely had by all!

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