Friday, August 30, 2013

Fashion Fabulous Friday

I'm thinking a pair of giant boxing gloves would be an excellent investment for every member of our family.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Johnny Footballs

Last night was Kyle and Reed's very first football game, and wouldn't you know it, they somehow were put on the team with maroon jerseys. 
 My Aggie husband is so proud. 
Their coach must not be an A&M fan either since he kept calling them the "red team", and convinced them to name their team "red lightning". 
(Works for me.)
As expected, one Ingy Boy totally followed directions and tried his hardest.

And I thought his soccer faces were intense...

The other was just happy to be there....but, as you can see, was total master of the "trash talk"!

I think this is the international trash talk sign for "I'm gonna pummel you."
(FYI: there was no actual pummeling on Kyle's part.)

So here's Reed's big play of the game (with my play-by-play commentary).
Quarterback is about to throw the ball, no "red" jerseys around except for Reed.
Reed getting in interception position.
Ball is down (and sure it's now a dead ball, but we're just going to ignore that tiny detail).
Big pile scrambling for the ball, but look whose flowing blonde locks have their hands on it!

 Kyle's big play:
He got to be center.
And finally, I just had to include this.
He must have watched Miley's VMA performance before the game.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Happy Campers

One of the things we weren't able to squeeze in before school started was a camping trip.
(And when I say 'we', I mean Jason and the boys.)
They headed up Friday evening to Estes Park (it's about an hour from here) for the weekend.
Jason did an amazing job of taking pictures (usually I'm lucky to get one), and though they're wearing the same thing in every picture, the pictures came in throughout the weekend...not changing clothes must be some sort of camping thing. 
He sent pictures of the tent
of hanging out
Of eating

of local wildlife

Of activity time

and of first thing in the morning (it rained both nights).

They told me "everything" was their favorite part of camping, and they want to "definitely" go back.
My favorite part of camping?
Caroline came in from Dallas to spend the weekend with me. 
We did not sleep outside or do anything outdoorsy.

  It was perfect.

Monday, August 26, 2013

A Week and a Half

I had exactly one week and 3 days to entertain the kids without any classes, activities, trips, or camps before school started. 
Unfortunately (for me), sitting in the house and relaxing was not on the option list with this bunch.
We went to Elitch Gardens (3 times).


We went to the movies and finished the giant popcorn. 

JR found the Boulder County Republicans.
(I didn't even know there was one Republican in Boulder County, much less a group of them!)
We met up with all the kinders that live in our neighborhood at the park.

We came home with more "amazing" plastic treasures from Chuck E. Cheese.

We speed skated.
We even went to the dentist (and also went back since someone had a cavity).

And, of course, went to Happy Hour...though a few days I certainly could have used a different kind of happy hour.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Fashion Fabulous Friday

A cowboy hat can never be too big for a native Texan.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

NBD...It's Just the First Day of School

It feels so good to send the kids off to the first day of school happy.
JR told me last night, "I'm really excited about school tomorrow!"
Photo op with backpacks
Kindergarten is soooo NBD (no big deal) for Kyle and Reed.
Lock bikes at bike rack, see friends, say hi to the former PreK teachers they adore...those two make back to school look like a piece of cake.
Photo op without backpacks. They all picked out their own first day of school attire.

Friendgirl, Alex, rode over this morning and this was the only picture I could get.  They wouldn't move closer together or wait for me to take another.  These kids had places to go and people to see! 
On their way to 3rd, 4th, and Kinder!

We hadn't even gotten on school grounds before JR had two friends run up, and I was pretty much told to get lost.
(I can't believe he hasn't figured out how cool I really am!)

Thankfully I'm friends with other moms in his class who aren't forced to disappear...and they take pictures.
I guess JR dropped friendgirl, Alex, off with the 3rd graders and immediately had the friendgirls in 4th find him.
Jason says he can relate; it's just something all Ingersoll men have to deal with.
(Insert eye roll)

Now that's a happy first day of school smile!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

'Tis but a Flesh Wound!

What is it with us and theme park clinics?

We barely ever go to the "real doctor", and yet, everytime I'm in a theme/waterpark it seems I'm headed off to the clinic for one reason or another.
JR has a big scrape on his knee from a dramatic fall in the middle of the street.
(The fall itself wasn't the dramatic part, it was the getting up portion that included an attempt at trying to make us think his leg might never work again.)
While either getting on the Twister II or due to the ride's motion (I'm still not sure on the specifics) his scab came off. 
Sure when I saw him he had blood running down his leg, but I figured it would dry up in no time.
(Now, before you judge me as heartless...I'm a boy mom, remember?)
Plus, he certainly wasn't going to take time out of his busy thrill riding schedule for basic hygiene.
So off he went to the next ride. 
I saw him get on, then have a long talk with one of the employees.
Then another employee (in a different color shirt) and another long chat.
And then he had to get up...and walk-of-shame himself off the ride.
He was literally kicked off!
My text to Jason (who has to actually go to work during all our little 'adventures') said:
 We're at the clinic. They kicked him off a ride for being 'too bloody'.
Thankfully, the clinic was near by.
After a clean-up and a band-aid, the HazMat team wouldn't be needed to follow him from ride to ride after all.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New Favorite Picture of all Time

Just look at those faces.
I can't look without totally cracking up.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Video Parenting

New shoes with laces require shoe tying skills.
And though you may think putting them in front of  a You Tube video titled "how to easily tie your shoes" is lazy parenting, I'm gonna have to disagree. 

I like to call it "giving my children the best education possible".

One new shoe tyer in the to go.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fashion Fabulous Friday (on Saturday)

I thought Kyle was the fashionista of the family, but Reed was the first to pick out his school shoes (with no assistance/suggestions from me).

So it was actually Kyle who took a fashion cue from Reed.  He's so proud of his new shoes he'll hardly take them off.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Without Me!

As of yesterday, Kyle and Reed are officially tall enough to ride certain rides at Elitch Gardens without me!
Check them out on the Cactus Coaster without me! (They're the red ones.)

And the giant splash ride that I don't know the name of without me!
(I'm super bummed I don't have to ride this one anymore, I just love getting soaking wet and then walking around the rest of the day.)

And in other Elitch Gardens news, they have a new motorcycle stunt show.
As you can see, my 3 didn't enjoy it at all.