Monday, August 26, 2013

A Week and a Half

I had exactly one week and 3 days to entertain the kids without any classes, activities, trips, or camps before school started. 
Unfortunately (for me), sitting in the house and relaxing was not on the option list with this bunch.
We went to Elitch Gardens (3 times).


We went to the movies and finished the giant popcorn. 

JR found the Boulder County Republicans.
(I didn't even know there was one Republican in Boulder County, much less a group of them!)
We met up with all the kinders that live in our neighborhood at the park.

We came home with more "amazing" plastic treasures from Chuck E. Cheese.

We speed skated.
We even went to the dentist (and also went back since someone had a cavity).

And, of course, went to Happy Hour...though a few days I certainly could have used a different kind of happy hour.

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