Friday, February 28, 2014

Fashion Fabulous Friday

It's "Go Texan Day!" here in Houston which is the kick off to the rodeo. 
Today, everyone in the city wears their best cowboy duds to work or school.
Even the kids' school let them forgo their usual uniforms for western wear.
Now, as you can see, they are totally decked out.
But, Reed as picked up on one of Jason's awesome personality traits where he "double checks just to make sure" (which usually turns into quadruple checking on both their parts).
So when I told the boys they looked like cute cowboys this morning, Reed said, "But how do you KNOW this is what we're supposed to wear? Are you SURE this is right?"
Me: Yes, Reed, you're dressed perfectly.
Reed: But how do you know?
Me: Except for the 5 years we were in Colorado and the 3 years I was in China, I've lived here my whole life. I think I know what you're supposed to wear for Go Texan Day.
Reed: 5 years plus 3 years! That's 8 years! What if they've changed it in 8 years???!!!
Surprise, surprise. They haven't changed it.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Deep in the Heart of Texas

Today was Kyle and Reed's Texas program at school.
All the kids wore Texas T-shirts that they helped make.
 When I saw the kid standing next to Reed I was worried that costumes were optional and I had been out-costumed, but he was only wearing it to be "our neighbor to the south" (Mexico), and took it off as soon as he said his line. (Which he said in Spanish and that was cute.)

Every kid had a line in the program. Here's Reed (He's the "T" in Houston.)

Here's Kyle. (He says his line and then for some reason "She'll be Coming 'Round the Mountain is right after that and it's upside down, so just ignore that.)
They also got to be the "A" and the "S" in Texas

And I picked one more to show you. Here's "Deep in the Heart of Texas".

Monday, February 24, 2014

Vote for Kyle for JR

So here's what you get to do for me today!
Go vote for Kyle and Foxy's picture on Facebook to help us win opening night tickets to see Wizard of Oz tickets. 
Wizard of Oz is coming to Houston next month at Theatre Under the Stars (I always think it sounds like an outdoor theatre, but it's not.) 
JR is the one who wants to go, but I needed a dog picture to enter, and the one of Kyle and Foxy makes me laugh everytime.
You can only vote once, so don't be thinkin' other people are cute and get all crazy and vote for them!
Voting ends 3:00 on Friday.
If you love me, you'll do it! ;-)
Thank you!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Fashion Fabulous Friday

Moving to Houston has not slowed down Kyle's love of accessories.
In this picture alone you can see him wearing:
a baseball cap
chef's hat
a bedazzled black apron
and a green sweat band (Which I think is an excellent choice. I know I work up a sweat if I ever have to do anything in the kitchen!)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


So here are the boys on Valentine morning.

And if you're thinking, "Wow Jan, your house sure looks super fancy",  you'd be both right and wrong.
Yes, it is super fancy, but it's not my house.
On Wednesday, Comcast came out to fix our internet (again). This time not only did they still not fix the internet, but they shorted out the whole house. 
And I'm using the word "shorted out" because I don't know the word that means "killed all power to the house and in the process blew out the dishwasher, a phone charger, a TV, and alarm clock (that actually melted), and an Xbox."
And since Valentines was on Friday, you've now figured out we were still without power then and staying at Grandpa Gary and Granny Buffie's.

Here's what an electrical system looks like when it has to be completely replaced. 
I believe I texted this picture to Jason with "I don't think the power is back on yet".

Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy Birthday (and I'm back in business)

You might be wondering where I've been.
That is a crazy story that I will share later.
I'm so happy to have cable and Internet back (5 days is way too long!) but today we are celebrating Presidents' Day.
The kids are home from school (I think they've now gone two full weeks since Christmas) and JR said we should celebrate President Reagan's birthday since it's February 6th.
(Of course, JR would know that.)
I thought that was a wonderful idea, so this Preseidents' Day we are also celebrating our favoritey-fav President Ronald Reagan.
And for the perfect Presidents' Day picture, here are Granny Buffie and JR getting read to go to a Texas Republican candidates meet and greet. 
They had a great time, and filled my yard with all kinds of political signs. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Still no roller hockey, but as the smiles show, they sure were glad to get skates on their feet again.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Such Drama!

The other day JR asked me if I'd take him to New York to see some Broadway shows.
I can't exactly fit a trip to New York in right this second, so this weekend we went to two of the local high schools' productions.
Friday night JR and I went to see West Side Story at Stratford High School.
I've always heard great things about their drama program, but man!
At one point I looked at JR and said, "We've got to get you in some dance classes!" 
Being the crazy stage mom I am, I kept looking for the non-dancers they would have shoved in the back row. 
Nope, none to be found. These boys were good.

Then on Saturday I took all the boys to Memorial High School to see Shrek the Musical.
The costumes and scenery were great, and the boys really liked it.
Memorial also has some really talented kids, but thankfully, I didn't feel like I had to rush out and put JR in dance lessons.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Fashion Fabulous Friday

It was "Jesus Day" at school awhile back.
Kyle totally looked the part.

Until he turned Jesus into a Ninja Turtle.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

100 Projects

I thought I was prepared for Texas.
Unfortunately, I totally underestimated a few things:
1. Traffic
2. Reaction to "cold"
3. Projects
Oh my goodness, I have two kids too many to handle the amount of projects.
Right now JR has a science fair project and a presidential book report going on. (He, along with 95% of his class, picked President Ronald Reagan.  No one picked a democrat.)
Kyle and Reed just finished up their 100 days of school project.
The moms did a great job on the projects:  Battle scene dioramas, crayons melting down the page that looked like it could hang in a museum, and an exact replica of the "Up" house with 100 balloons.
I'm not mentally ready to compete with the other moms yet, so the boys just picked out what they wanted to do from my selections on Pinterest.
Kyle did a s'more with 100 marshmallows.

Reed did a fish bowl.  His artist brain almost exploded when I told them he had to group them in tens. He wanted the fish swimming prettily around the bowl. 
This was his answer to the grouping "problem".

FYI, if you have to do a 100 day project:
 Hot glue and marshmallows= awesome.
Hot glue and goldfish crackers= the project is lying down for a reason.
Wish me luck on the science fair!

Monday, February 3, 2014

3 Eyes and a Few Teeth Between Them

So if you're still crying over the Broncos big loss last night, (JR was in literal tears screaming, "They aren't even trying to win!") hopefully this will make you smile.
Here's a toothless kid and a one-eyed dog, for ya.

Doesn't get much better than that.
(And in this sentence I'm thinking 'better' might actually mean 'pitiful'.)

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Go Broncos!

This bunch is pretty excited to cheer for the Broncos.
I'm so upset about missing out on all the fun in Denver I can hardly stand it.