Monday, November 30, 2015

Obviously They're Related

I didn't even realize they both had their tongues hanging out until I looked at the picture.

They can't help it. 
They inherited from me...and I got it from my dad.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

No Turkey

We had a very nice turkey-less Thanksgiving at Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw's.
 (We decided we'd rather have a ham than a turkey...and Reed requested pimento and cheese sandwiches.)
JR's plate with no color to his food choices.

Plates with some color.

JR and Reed went hunting four times, but never saw any hogs

Kyle climbed all the trees he could.
And Paw-Paw took them to get breakfast tacos, but they all ordered breakfast sandwiches instead.

Thursday, November 26, 2015


We are thankful for so many things this Thanksgiving.
Kyle brought this placemat home from school, and though he sadly inherited the "can hardly spell his name" genes from Jason and me, it's really nice. 
He spelled "God" right, Then it says "Friends" - Caden and Jake and then "Family".
The next row is "Mittens" (that's Paw-Paw's cat), "Food" and then his teacher "Miss Coan".
By the way, did you notice that not one person has a strand of hair?
Reed didn't bring home a placemat, but he did bring home this from his teacher.
And I know what she wrote sounds cliché, but it's not, this is exactly how I would describe him too!
If you can't see it it says "you are always so sweet and such a hard worker".
And though 6th graders don't bring home thankful projects, I am super thankful that JR is on the broadcast team and enjoying middle school. 
Everywhere we go somebody is hollering out "Hi JR!" and that's more than I could even ask for!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Jason Day

Poor Jason and his Thanksgiving birthday.  At least it's the day before this year and not the actual day...but still, he's spending the day working and driving, so that's always fun.
We celebrated last night with presents and a trip to Benihana's.
Jason finally joined the cool kids club since he got a Yeti cooler for his birthday. 
(Jason didn't even want one as bad as our boys wanted one for him.)

I've never seen a Benihana's chef let the kids help them, but ours let Reed throw an egg up in the air so it could crack on the grill.

And then we all ate and ate like we'd never had a meal before.
Happy Birthday Day Jason!

Monday, November 23, 2015

The Rest of The Weekend

Saturday the kids had their Camp Olympia reunion party. 
They were super excited to see some of their counselors from this summer, and it was at Dave and Busters and what kid doesn't love that?
They are all signed up for camp, JR will go for 3 weeks and Kyle and Reed for 2.

 Saturday night all the girls I went to Vegas with came over for a girls' night.  Cassidy is in town for Thanksgiving so it was a good excuse for us all to get together.
And as Kyle and Reed put it...for us all "to talk really loud".
 Sunday after church we had Granny Sherry's birthday brunch.  Her birthday was back in October but we had to cancel the original brunch because it was the morning after we had a flood, and I was down with the stomach virus. 
This time there were no floods or sickness!

 Jason and I left brunch and headed over to The Texans game.
(We changed clothes in the car.)
I'm now convinced I must be their good luck charm since they won again!
I got to go down on the sidelines during the game, but I didn't stay long.
I'm so short I couldn't see anything but the cheerleaders.
(It was military appreciation day.)
And now we start Jason's birthday and Thanksgiving week.
Bring it on!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Great Gatsbyesqe

Granny Buffie invited us to sit at her table for the Village Republican Women's gala on Friday night. It was a roaring 20's theme. 
I wore a flapper dress (with a headdress feather that hit the roof of the car when I sat down in it) and Jason went as a gangster.

Jason and his dad
My friend (and old neighbor) Lauren who I always feel ridiculous standing least my feather is taller than her.
Jason and I were back in silent auction mode for this event.  We came home with 3 days in Park City, UT and I also "won" a Ronald Reagan watch.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ok, So We Mostly Just Ate

Even though Reed got left behind while the others went hunting, he had plenty of fun.
He had a sleepover with Cash Friday night, and we got donuts for breakfast Saturday morning.

Then MawMaw and PawPaw came to have lunch and took us to Reed's pick, the Chinese buffet.
We went to Hobby Lobby and bought a big canvas because I wanted Reed to draw a Christmas picture to replace the one I usually have up in my "art nook".   He also got MawMaw to buy him a giant tub of rubber bands for his looming projects.
Here he is working on the canvas.
Finished product!
We went to see The Peanuts movie Saturday night.
And Sunday after church we went to The Cadillac Bar for brunch.
If you ask me, that's all way more fun than a silly hunting trip!

Monday, November 16, 2015

The Shrimp were the Best Part

Jason, JR, and Kyle went deer hunting this weekend.
(Reed didn't go because he got to go last time.)
JR shot what they are calling a "nice deer".  And supposedly there's a video, but I haven't seen it...nor would I subject you to it.


The jury is still out on whether or not Jason is raising any kids that love hunting as much as he does.
Kyle climbed every tree he could find, and was super excited that the ranch had cats to play with.
I asked him this morning what his favorite part of the weekend was, and he told me "having fried shrimp for dinner."

Friday, November 13, 2015

Zoo from the Past

I forgot that the boys even did this...probably because I wasn't there.
Jason somehow got to take Kyle and Reed to the Houston zoo after it closed to check out a behind the scenes of the sea lion exhibit.  I think they might have gotten to see the aquarium too.
Here are the pictures Jason sent me.



Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Field Day

I still think it's a genius idea to have field day in November when you live in Texas.
(May is just too hot.) 
 However, I don't think it's a genius idea to go ahead and have field day when it's been raining and the fields are a big, muddy mess. 
Reed's class didn't win the spirit award with their cute little Miss Giese's gators hats we made.

And Kyle's class didn't win anything decked out as the Miss Coan Cyclones either.

Remember how cute Kyle's teacher was last year, and there was never a tear shed about not wanting to go to school....thankfully, it's the same this year.
But most importantly, field day events were ignored so whipping and nay-naying could take place.

Monday, November 9, 2015

I Think I'm Good Luck

We'll continue on with the football theme because I'm thinking I might be good luck for two teams that haven't been doing so great.
We went to the Texans game last Sunday...and they won!
And then Shelley and I went to the UT game and they won too!
We had this picture made in the alumni center, which I'd never even been in before. 
What can I say?  I married an Aggie. 
 I even had to go in as Shelley's guest because I've never paid to be a Texas Ex.
We also swung by our sorority house (we didn't go in)
and I snapped a picture of where Caroline and I lived our freshman year to send to her (we weren't roommates, but we might as well have been).

We walked through campus to get to the game, and it hasn't really changed much in these very few years since we graduated.
Shelley had scored us club level seats, so of course, we ate all the free food like we'd never had a meal before and then really enjoyed our cushiony seats!

Friday, November 6, 2015

About as Many Wins as The Texans

Football season is officially over. 
 They won more games than last year, but not many.
I can't really get started on football season without getting mad, saying mean things, and saying what should have been done differently. 
So I'll just say that the most entertaining thing about loosing in the first round of playoffs was watching JR run the time clock....because he danced (like full-on routines) the whole entire time he was up there. 
(He's the one on the second level, not the top.)
I didn't pay for the professional football pictures because I hated the baseball ones so much, so
I took my own.
Which, no matter what, look better than anything with a fake background.