Friday, September 30, 2011

Fashion Fabulous Friday- A Very Special 80's Episode

First things first.  I have to plug our Murder Mystery Party.  If you ever want to do one (and I highly suggest you do) check out Night of Mystery.  All the work is done for you, and they have every theme you could ever think of.  Amazing.

And now to the fashions...
Each person is given a character and costume suggestions.
Here are our interpretations for 80's High School Reunion:

Danni Drums-marching band member and Steve Spielson-AV Squad turned famous movie director
My costume is a new addition to the prop closet, but Jason is wearing his sequined Vegas shirt from our casino night in Beijing, his blonde Fred (from Scooby Doo) wig, and a necklace I made from 3 pipe cleaners and leftover 'jewels' from our Royal Wedding Watching Party hats.

Joe Nebraska-class jock turned PE teacher and Natalie Nebraska-cheerleader
Brad's jersey is an actual football jersey he borrowed from one of his co-worker's sons, and Cassidy is wearing a cheerleading uniform from the Ingy prop closet.

Cindy Crawfish-Class Flirt
I'm not sure what I loved most about Kylie's get-up; It's all so totally 80's!

Nick Nixon-class president turned presidential hopeful and Molly Ringworm-class drama queen turned Hollywood actress
Rocky and Kim were certainly our most elegantly dressed couple.

Judd Jensen-the class stud and Pamela Abdul- the dance team captain
Coy's shirt actually said "McStud", and I'm pretty sure it was Niki's leg warmers (you can't see them in the picture) that gave her the edge to win "Best Dressed" that night.  (Of course we had awards!)

Bobbie Bright-Class Valedictorian turned Harvard Law graduate
Brooke reminding us "I'm smart. See, I went to Harvard."

Bailey Babble-the class gossip and Byron P. Keaton- math team captain turned (what else) accountant
Ocea and Sterling both walked away with Best Actor/Actress honors.  They were hysterical!

And what would a Murder Mystery be without our hall monitor turned traffic cop to keep order to the party?
As you can see, Peter is telling us to remain calm after he taped off the body.  And who is that lying there?  Oops, Jason got murdered.

But that's okay, it gave B.A. Barricade, the class punk, a chance to come to the party
The mullet wig has also been a great addition to the prop closet. I think this is its 3rd or 4th public appearance.  (We're still not sure who Jason's high-fiving in this picture!)

I won't tell you who the murderer was (in case you ever happen to do this party) but I will say only 4 people figure it out!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

All Things Cowboy

It's Cowboy Poetry Days here in Durango, so the kids were supposed to dress up 'cowboy' for school.
Of course, I always associate this with Go Western Day in Houston (which is in March), so I tend to get confused why the kids are dressing up so early in the year.

And to add to my confusion, I don't think it's possible for Kyle and Reed to have been more opposite while celebrating.

When I told them they needed to dress up like cowboys for school, Reed told me he wanted to be Woody.  Kyle said he wanted to be Jessie.

And the opposite-ness doesn't end at the picture above.

Just check these out:

Reed's cowboy hat

Kyle's cowboy hat

Reed's painted boot

Kyle's painted boot

Reed's cowboy hat color sheet

Kyle's cowboy hat color sheet:

Picture not available since Kyle didn't even color a cowboy hat.

And if you're wondering if any of this surprises me?
Nope, not one bit. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Love The '80's

We had one of the most fun parties I've ever attended for Cassidy's birthday this past weekend.
It was an 80's high school reunion murder mystery party. 
And it was soooo what Willis was talkin' 'bout!

I'll have to save all the awesome 80's costumes for a Very Special 80's Episode of Fashion Fabulous Friday, but I'm totally excited to show off our decorations.

We were most proud of our lockers.  Cassidy drew them out, and I helped embellish. 
Little known fact I learned about Cassidy: She doesn't have a hot glue gun! I don't know how she functions.

The lockers served as great photo backdrops!

And what would the 80's be without Pac Man?
You could find them scattered about the room.

Of course we had some classic movie posters on the walls.
(Footloose, The Breakfast Club, and Ghostbusters were represented too.  Plus an MJ Thriller poster in the bathroom!)

The cake atop a Rubik's Cube

You'll find out who was murdered on Friday, but here's the crime scene after it was "cleaned up".

I LOVE THE 80's!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pointin' Bubbly Fingers

 During bath time last night, we were trying to investigate who was the culprit of splashing water out of the tub and all over the wall.

Reed: It was Kyle.
Kyle: No! It was Reed.
Reed: No! It was Kyle.
Kyle: It was Reed.
Reed (in his most serious and mature tone): I'm pretty sure it was Kyle.

All I know...
Being an only child myself, these kids better thank their lucky stars they have somebody else to blame!

Monday, September 26, 2011


Kyle and Reed have had the same babysitter, Lacey, since we moved here.
They call her "Miss Lacey".

And though Miss Lacey is in college, she has a baby sister who makes appearances here too.
Her name is Timber, but Kyle and Reed call her "Miss Timber", which I think is hilarious.

Kyle and Reed were begging to hold Miss Timber the other day, and they did a pretty good job.  Especially since they only weigh about 5 pounds more than she does!

And the second after this picture was snapped, Reed dropped Timber.

You know I'm gonna say it:

Timber went timmmberrrr!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Over the Edge

On Friday Jason participated in "throw your boss off the side of a building day".
His employees raised over $1,000 for Special Olympics for Jason to go...over the edge.

We drove down to Albuquerque for the big event and the whole way I was reading all their suggestions about 'working out', 'rock climing', and at a minimum 'squeezing a stress ball' to be ready to repel down a 16 story building.
Of course, Jason had done none of this, and I was petrified he wasn't going to be able to do it. 

The official picture before the decent.

Jason said the worst part was leaning back to get started. 

My view from the street.

Almost to solid ground

I shouldn't have been worried, Jason handled the repel like a pro. 
Yet again, I was shocked.  Don't know when I'll learn.
  He always surprises me with his 'never worked out since I've met him' superior athletic ability.

He also handled the interview portion like a pro.

Receiving his medal from a Special Olympics athlete.  You'll see a little mop of  blonde hair by Jason's hand ready to lay claim to the gold.  Jason got to wear his medal for exactly 2 seconds.

It was a great day for a great cause, and if you think something like that might be an adrenaline rush...Jason's hands were still shaking 15 minutes after he was finished!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fashion Fabulous Friday-Hair Spectacular

When we were at my parents' house a few weekends ago a tropical storm came ashore in Louisiana right where Jason and JR were hunting.
Unfortunately, East Texas didn't get a drop of the rain, and instead got tons of wind.

Which left Reed with a hair spectacular show that was movie star worthy.

"The Early 90's Zack Morris"

Natural feathering almost as good as Farrah's
(That one was for you, Caroline.)

And...a little High School Musical

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Not a Kid Project

You know my rule.
(Passed down from generations of school teachers in the family.)
If the teacher sends a project home, she wants the parents to do it.

The same rule holds true when I assign the "kids" projects for Scouts.
We had our Cub-a-napolis 500 last night, and let me just say, the parents did a great job on "their" cars!

I haven't spoken the project rule out loud to JR, but he knows it.
He didn't even pretend to help build his car.

He gave The Engineer instructions on how he wanted it to be shaped (like a race car), and The Artist instructions on how he wanted it decorated (in camouflage with 'Big Game Hunter' written on it) . 

I think we did pretty good.

Our client was quite pleased.

And BTW, this was one of my cheapest projects yet. 
All it cost me was a 97 cent plastic tablecloth and a roll of bright orange duct tape!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nothing's Changed

We missed Kyle and Reed's first soccer game due to the company picnic, so I was excited to see them show off some new skills at Saturday's game.

New skills? Not so much.
These pictures might as well have been taken last spring.

Uniforms still don't fit.

Kyle is still thrilled beyond words when he scores a goal....for the other team.

Reed is still working his game faces.

And getting right in the action, big kids around or not.

And, of course, my favorite kids...the ones not interested in playing soccer.
Pretty sure the little girl is cheerleading (my kinda girl!)
I'm also pretty sure Reed just ran right over the little boy on the ground.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Which Way is Up?

I got home from Kyle and Reed's parents' observation at gymnastics and realized I had a camera of upside-down-only shots!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Just Bear With Me

This should be the last of the hunting pictures for awhile.
You're welcome.

I think Jason's going mule deer hunting in November, but since JR's not going I probably won't have to post those picture.

Jason and JR went down to Santa Rosa, NM (in between Albuquerque and Amarillo) this weekend for an antelope hunt.
(And just a little FYI: I totally spelled 'Albuquerque' correctly without having to look it up! Yeah me!)

And though Jason was the actual hunter, you'd never know it looking at the pictures.

JR with their hunting guide, Trey.