Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Year

Ok, so this is as close to "leaping" as I can get.
First up is Kyle's pogo stick while shooting a basketball trickshot.

Then here he is "leaping" from the curb to the street (and back) on his pogo stick.
Did I mention he took the pogo stick to school for show and tell.
He said it was "the best show and tell ever."

Sunday, February 28, 2016

So Now It's Baseball Time

Kyle got his sportsmanship award on Saturday. 
(I was confused thinking he was getting it, as I stated earlier, "at a banquet".) 
They gave it to him before one of the Championship games, and here's what they said about the winners.

And here they are introducing Kyle
We were all very proud.
Kyle and his friend, Ethan.

Then Reed had his championship game. 
They lost by 3 in overtime because the refs had it out for them (or our coaches, or us fans). 
They were going to make sure we lost, and they did.
But here's Reed getting introduced before the game.  Reed "The Motor" Ingersoll.

And here they are after the game. 
Reed is smiling, but there are some pretty pitiful faces.  We mamas just had mad (at the refs) faces.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Go Texan (Not Texans) Day

It's Go Texan Day here in Houston. 
The kick-off to the most wonderful season we season.
JR wore his Texans football jersey to school, he didn't seem to care it's not Go Texans day.
Kyle and Reed had rodeo dancing at school.  This will be the last year they'll put on a show for the parents.
Kyle had his same partner from last year, Audrey. Look how much they've least they're still wearing the same hats.

Reed's partner from last year is in Kyle's class this year, so he has a new woman in his life, Kate.

But I still got a picture of him with last year's.
 Square dancing was as cute as ever, and I'm so glad they have fun doing it.


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A Good, Bummer, and Very Good Night

Reed's basketball team won their game last night, so now they will play for the championship on Saturday.  Reed had 2 steals and some rebounds last night, and if you're wondering why he doesn't shoot the ball much, here he is with his teammate, Justin.  (Who's in 3rd grade.)

So that was the good of the night.
Right after Reed's team played, Kyle had his semifinal game.  And it was a bummer because they lost. Kyle didn't get fouled out this game (he did the last game).  He played good, but he's had better games.
Then it became a very good night because Kyle's coach announced the MVP and the Sportsmanship Award for the season.  One of the best and tallest kids on the team was named the MVP, and Kyle was named the Sportsmanship award winner. 
This is actually a huge deal.  Kyle didn't get to play on one of our school's teams, he was on a team where he knew none of the kids or coaches.  I love that he showed up on that team and showed them how awesome it is just to be Kyle.  The coach told Kyle that he'll get to go to an awards banquet to get honored by the sports association in a few weeks.
Kyle with his coaches
But really, no matter what happened last night, all was right with the world because our neighbors, Dave and Mary, came to see them play.


Monday, February 22, 2016

So Excited

Kyle and Reed were so excited about having their first baseball practice yesterday that they both put on their baseball clothes first thing in the morning.
And then asked "When do we go to baseball?" every 5 minutes.
They didn't wait for the season to start to start practicing their skills though, our across the street neighbor (who is also their baseball coach...I'm not sure it could be more any more convenient) took this slow-motion video of Reed last week.
And it does make me giggle that they're showing up to basketball practice in baseball pants.


Sunday, February 21, 2016

No Escape

Friday night we went to one of our school auction "winnings".
This one was for the elementary school where we bought a "mystery night".
Turns out our mystery night was an evening at the Houston Escape Room.
And it's exactly what it sounds like...they put you in a room and you have to escape.
I was worried it might be scary, but it's not scary at all. Just really, really hard.
 I figured Jason would be good at this, but his engineering brain wasn't useful at this type of thing.
(I was pretty impressed with myself when I figured out a Morris code message using a boy scout handbook.)
There were 2 groups of us, and our group didn't escape (neither did the other group).
I would do it again, and I think I'd have a better chance of getting out now that I know how the whole thing works!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Chloe Fabulous Friday

I'm not even trying to be humble about it anymore. 
 Chloe is seriously the cutest thing ever.

And no, I didn't somehow wrangle up a little girl for our family. 
That's our across the street neighbor who refers to Chloe as "her best friend" and draws Chloe in every picture she does at Pre K.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Kyle Strikes Again

Kyle and Reed each have to write me a "friendly letter" every Friday, and then I am supposed to write them one back.
Reed's letters are usually a page and half and he always tells me "I love you Mommy".
I'm lucky to get 3 sentences from Kyle, and I never get declarations of love.
But this week I got this...

And if you aren't a fan of reading kids' handwriting, it says:
I am the best Ingersoll
Not only did it make me truly laugh out loud, my letter back to him said:
Dear Kyle,
You're right. You are the best Ingersoll!
Cause really, what else can you say?

Monday, February 15, 2016

My Valentines

Kyle and Reed celebrated Valentines at their school parties. 
(They were the two most calm parties I've ever attended.) 
 I taught the craft in Reed's class, although Kyle's the one modeling his.

Then Jason and I celebrated yesterday with linner (lunch/dinner) at Melting Pot.

They even had this cheesy photo-op and put the picture in a frame (which is why it's so fuzzy here).
And JR is a too cool for school middle schooler who keeps his Valentines quiet.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

One More to Go

We've got one more basketball game to go in the regular season.
I'm impressed with how good Kyle and Reed have done...especially since we didn't even own a basketball until November.
Reed had 2 steals in his game today.

And Kyle had 6 points, 2 of which I got on video when he was chosen to shoot the free throws for a back court defense violation.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Not Really Feeling the Love

I'm down to only 2 kids that do Valentines anymore. 
(And thank goodness because JR could have cared less last year.)
We didn't have to make boxes at home this year, and I waited until Monday to go look for Valentines.
All Hobby Lobby had left were cats and ladybugs, and since those are super girly, I just whipped up these "bugs" made out of pom-poms and clothespins for the boys.
Reed said he just didn't have it in him to hand make something for everybody. (No homemade bracelets, though he did discuss making everyone a balloon animal.)
But both of them did specifically pick out which Valentine went to which person...which is more than JR ever did (or cared about).

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Monster Truck

One of Kyle and Reed's friends bought a suite at Monster Jam and asked them (plus JR) to go. 
 (JR is definitely a celebrity with the 2nd grade crowd.)
It was all moms and sons, so it was quite loud. 
Loud with boys, loud with monster trucks, and of course, loud with us moms gossiping!


Monday, February 8, 2016

My Bet Paid Off

So my bet on tears was spot on, except they were the happy kind.
You know, the falling on the wall because you're acting like you're fainting and then you squeal "We did it. This is what it feels like to win a Super Bowl." kind.
We had a mini party with Jason's family, Caden's family, and Christian's family.
The only picture I have is from instagram, which also includes Pierce (the kid who looks more like Reed than Reed's twin brother) who was here for pregame.

But I was smart enough to walk upstairs (we banished the loud fans to the media room) to video when I was fairly certain the Broncos were about to score to secure the win.
Here's how that went down.
And though I don't know much about sports...although if I'd just pay attention to half of what JR's says I'd know everything, I do know that Peyton Manning really needs to retire.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

I'm Betting on Tears

I'm worried that his face won't be smiling later, so I'm just gonna leave this right here before the game starts.
And yes, I know.
 Chloe does look totally adorable in her Broncos tutu!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Field Trip Week

I'm not a fan of going on field trips, and try really hard to avoid them, but when JR told me his broadcast team had a field trip to Stratford HS to see their spring musical, I actually asked if I could go.
It was the easiest and best field trip ever.  20ish kids who all appreciated the awesome show (Anything Goes) we saw.

Then JR had a field trip on Friday with the whole 6th grade to the museum.  They didn't have any parent chaperones, so I didn't even have to come up with a reason why I couldn't go.
I do have a picture of the event thanks to JR's instagram page.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Typical Kyle

With Reed and Kyle on separate basketball teams, it always seem to leave down time for one of them.
Usually Kyle always finds someone to play with, but when none of his friends are around he always finds a way to "entertain" himself.
At practice. 
(Yes, he climbed the rock wall, and then "jumped" over to the net.)

At a game.
(He looks kinda comfy).

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Later On

So right after the talent show we headed out to JR's school's auction.
It was a Mardi Gras theme, and I started off with a hat, mask, and boa. 
But by the time this picture was taken, which I think was the only one, I was down to just a hat.

My other accessories were just too much for my dance floor jam.
On a side note, JR's English teacher also enjoys the dance floor as much as I do.  I told him he could thank me later for securing him an A for the rest of the year.

Oh and if you're wondering what we got at the, pretty much everything.