Sunday, February 28, 2016

So Now It's Baseball Time

Kyle got his sportsmanship award on Saturday. 
(I was confused thinking he was getting it, as I stated earlier, "at a banquet".) 
They gave it to him before one of the Championship games, and here's what they said about the winners.

And here they are introducing Kyle
We were all very proud.
Kyle and his friend, Ethan.

Then Reed had his championship game. 
They lost by 3 in overtime because the refs had it out for them (or our coaches, or us fans). 
They were going to make sure we lost, and they did.
But here's Reed getting introduced before the game.  Reed "The Motor" Ingersoll.

And here they are after the game. 
Reed is smiling, but there are some pretty pitiful faces.  We mamas just had mad (at the refs) faces.

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