Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloweened Out!

I never thought I'd ever, ever, say this in my life...but here it goes...

I'm costumed out.

I know. I know. What's wrong with me?

But I've been putting Halloween costumes on my children since Thursday (and since they're all so skinny it takes lots of pinning and altering).

I have to say, I'm so glad it's finally Halloween!

And even though I've had children in Halloween costumes since Thursday, I still haven't taken any pictures of them.


I do have a picture Cassidy took of the two of us from last night.
I went as "Cher as Cleopatra".
I couldn't find a Cleopatra wig in our teeny-tiny town.  So a Cher wig had to do.

Which really just made me want to do my impersonation of Jack from Will and Grace doing Cher.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Poppin Good Times

This is what my garage looks like.

That's $7,000 worth of cub scout popcorn.

Our scouts only sold $1,500 worth last year.
So I made Jason the popcorn "kernal" this year.

$7,000! Obviously we had a pack full of mini Jasons hitting the streets.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fashion Fabulous Friday

I may or may not have been dragging out boxes of Christmas decor since Monday.

You be the judge.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Goals and Game Faces

Kyle and Reed had their last soccer game of the season on Saturday.
 Unfortunately, Jason and I missed it since we were in Sedona.
As usual, Kyle scored all his goals for the other team.
(But hey, a goal's a goal, right?)
And Reed did what he did best...push/shove/run/make serious game faces.

I didn't buy the "professional" pictures since I figure my camera is just as good as theirs, so here's their  unofficial-official pictures for the season.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Um, We're Missing Some Doors Here!

Our "celebrity" weekend continued as the guys planned a helicopter ride for us.
I totally felt like I was on The Bachelor and was just waiting for Chris Harrison to pop out to interview me about what an "amazing connection" Jason and I have.

And though there were no roses to be handed out, the ride was great.
(I now know why helicopters always make an appearance on Bachelor dates.)

You might be noticing the helicopter has no doors.
'Doors on or off' is an option, and obviously the guys picked off!

Jason and I sat in the back. 
The front seats had shoulder harnesses, but all we had was a lap belt.
I quickly pointed out I'd had more restraint on a merry-go-round.

We also learned not to stick your arms out the nonexistent door. (As Jason is doing here.)
Traveling at 115 miles an hour, your arm almost gets blown off your body.

I was trying to take a picture showing how high up and doorless things really were.
I thought my foot would be a good marker.
But then I got scared.
This was a close to the edge as I could handle.

Eek! We're really high!

And here we are landing.
Helicopter hair and all.
All kidding aside, it really was a great experience.
 And honestly, I was more nervous/scared on our back to school jeeping trip than helicoptering...with no doors!

Monday, October 24, 2011

A Spelling Test With Paris Hilton

Jason and I finally got around to celebrating our 10th Anniversary this weekend.
(You'll remember I forgot about it back in June and scheduled roller skating for the Cub Scouts that night.)

Of course with both of us being only children, and needing to be the center of attention, we had to ask people to come along. 
Steven and Liz came with us, and it was quite the "celebrity" weekend.

We stayed at the Hilton in Sedona, AZ and were greeted with what I'm absolutely positive is a handwritten note from celebutante Paris Hilton herself.

Wow! Thanks Paris.
Jason and I did have a wonderful Ann-er-ver-say.

I know you didn't sign the note, but I've never seen a word that resembles "anniversary" less than this one.  That was sweet of you to let us know it was written by you in such an obvious way!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Fashion Fabulous Friday

We've got our eyes on you!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

WHO, WHO's that making yummies?!

I am so itchin' to get my Christmas decorations out I can hardly stand it.
I literally lie in the bed at night thinking about rearranging my furniture and where my trees will go.

So I decided to busy myself with this little fun food project I saw online.

I'm taking these to cub scouts tonight for their Halloween meeting.

Aren't they cute?!

And yes, I totally did this for the other moms to oooh and ahhh over.

I have 3 boys,
I'm well aware the scouts would be just as impressed if I threw them a bag of M&M's.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Should've Paid JR a Quarter for This One

As I was heading in the house from the back door, (I had gone to get something out of our freezer, so I was gone merely seconds) I heard muffled squeels coming from the front door.

Then I saw this.

How The Puppetmaster was able to lure them outside, lock them out, and run back to the couch to act like he was watching TV so quickly I'll never know.

But...Good one, JR! I'll pay you the quarter this time.

And yes, I totally left them locked out on the front porch while I took a picture of them.

I call it payback for refusing to nap today.

(Don't worry, I let them in right after.
And since JR did it, they thought it was wonderful and hilarious.)

Monday, October 17, 2011

What Boys Will Do for a Quarter

We went for a bike ride on The River Trail yesterday afternoon.
The kids always like to stop for a little break near the library.

There wasn't much "breaking" yesterday since JR told Reed he'd give him a quarter if he'd ride his bike down the hill.

Let's take a little look at that hill, shall we?

I've labeled everybody for you.
Reed at the top of the hill, Kyle halfway up thinking maybe he'll score a quarter too, and JR (AKA:Puppetmaster), safely under a shade tree.

We didn't really think Reed would do it. 
But then he pushed off and all Jason said to me was "this isn't going to end well."

I don't have any pictures of the actual ride down since I was frozen in terror, but here's what the ending looked like.

We started cheering for him as soon as Reed....I'm gonna go with the word "landed".  I guess I could also go with "face planted".

He was a little stunned, but decided not to disappoint his cheering fans. He didn't even cry.
But he did ask if Jesus was proud of him!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Outta This World

JR's school has a fun run for a fundraiser every year.

They have to have a fun run since (And Texans, the following are all seriously true, told to Cassidy by a teacher at the school):
-They can't sell magazines since paper is bad for the environment.
-They can't sell cinnamon rolls or other food products (that sell well) because they're unhealthy and make you fat.
-So the kids run since it's good for their physical fitness/Durango-ness.
(Okay, okay, so the teacher didn't say 'Durango-ness'.)

Maybe next year they'll strap trash to the kids' backs and make them run to the recycling center. A true win/win for everybody wouldn't you say?

Anyway, this year's theme was outer space and I promised myself I would not buy any costuming for the event. 
And I didn't!

This came straight out of the kids' prop closet, my leftover craft supplies, and a Halloween goody box my mom sent.

That's Kyle's Mexican wrestler mask we picked up on our cruise, an "eyeball" made out of a white squishy ball, and a fuzzy pom-pom pipe cleaner arrangement.
Add the crazy glasses my mom sent underneath, and you've got "the best alien in the class", as JR put it.

I even safety pined the top portion on so the alien mask can go right back to Mexican wrestler in a snap.

Cause with this pack of boys you never know when you'll need to be an alien, Mexican wrestler, or Smurfette.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Fashion Fabulous Friday: Respect the Mullet

If you're looking to add a few classic pieces to your own personal prop closet, you can't go wrong with a mullet wig.

We bought one last Halloween (Jason went to a work Halloween party as Joe Dirt...although Joe Dirt's mullet was blonde...but I didn't plan his costume) and it's made many appearances since.

But best of all, the kids love it.
And really, who doesn't love a good baby mullet?

Maybe if I let them wear the tattoo arm sleeves enough when they're little they'll get tired of them and won't want to do this to themselves when they grow up.

The mullet will be making another appearance this Halloween.  JR is going as a gorilla in a safari jacket, (Think the movie Zookeeper, which he loved.) and asked if he could wear the mullet.  Not sure why he thinks a gorilla needs a mullet, but who am I to deny his costuming stylings?!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Why I Don't Teach Preschool

Kyle and Reed are loving their T/TH morning preschool.
They come home with lots of crafts (which they love) and many seem to involve food.

Just check out this squirrel that came home yesterday.
 The tail is made of Cocoa Pebbles.

I didn't realize this at first, but as I was carrying it to the car I caught a whiff.
I thought: I'm so glad I don't have to craft with Cocoa Pebbles.  I'd eat the whole box before the kids even got them glued on.

And as I was writing this post, Kyle, (child after my own heart) walked right up to the squirrel you see before you, picked off some Cocoa Pebbles....and ate them.

Of course he did.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I'll Get Phone Calls For This One

Fair Warning: This is one of those posts I'm writing mainly so I won't forget the things I find funny that the kids say/do.

Kyle was insistent that he needed to sleep with his Bible. (He is such a good Baptist.)

I humored him, and he then showed me how "Maw-Maw dos it when she's looking for her glasses."  (Yes, I meant to write 'dos').
I had to run get my camera and have him reenact since this cracked me up. I've watched my mom rest her books open on her stomach my entire life.

I then asked him if he was going to read his Bible or just sleep with it.

Kyle: I'm going to read it to Jesus. (The Baptists are loving him.)

Me: You are?

Kyle: Yeah, I know all the funny parts. (Oops, the Baptists are getting a little concerned.)

Me: The funny parts of The Bible? I can't wait to hear this.

Kyle: ("Reading" from The Bible) If you take a mouse to school.

...And there's my phone ringing with the Baptists inviting us to Prayer Meetin'!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Orange You Glad I'm Posting

This medium sized Texan almost froze her tushy off at Kyle and Reed's soccer game Saturday.

So much so, that there are no pictures of Reed pushing/shoving/making serious games faces or Kyle taking the ball all the way down the field to score in the other team's goal, jumping up and down, and screaming "Mommy! I won!"

I do however have a picture of them enjoying their after soccer snack since:

A. I figured my hand wouldn't freeze off in the few seconds I had to snap these pics...and if it did I'd have the heater on soon enough.
B. Who doesn't get a kick out of a good orange slice smile?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Look What I Got!!!

A restaurant down the way from us is going out of business.
I guess I should be a little more somber about their situation, but...

Check out what I just scored!!!

Jason couldn't understand why I had to have it, but poor Jason doesn't know fabulous even when it's a blazing neon sign staring him in the face.

My kitchen and I are so loving it!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Fashion Fabulous Friday

Dear Kyle,

Just because it snowed does not mean we can go skiing.

Message received that you're ready to go.


Thursday, October 6, 2011


I got a text from Cassidy this morning that just said:

I couldn't figure out what she was 'really-ing' about.
Until I went outside.

It was snowing.

(Not "Snow! Woohoo!" but "snow...meh."

Snow on October 6th.

I'm not ready.
Mainly cause I don't want to give up my flip-flops.

I mean, I just gave up Cokes yesterday, and then today my flip-flops!
Wow. It's been a rough two days.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I'm Back on the Wagon Again

Remember how I gave up Cokes for my New Year's Resolution?
I had a good run.
I really did.

I was Coke free until the beginning of June.
June 4th to be exact.
(Not that I was counting or anything.)

And then I fell off the wagon.
And I fell hard.

Because honestly, I wanted a Coke every. single. day.
It never got easier, and I never felt any different.
I didn't feel healthier, have more energy, or even sleep better. 
All it made me feel was that I wanted a Coke.

I've had a good 4 months of Coke-full bliss.
Lots of visits to Sonic, plenty of refills...
so I figure it's time to (grudgingly) climb back on that wagon.

My goal is to make it to around Christmas...and then totally OD until New Year's!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Leafy Hike

Cassidy, Kylie, and I had been talking about loading up the families and driving over to Silverton this past weekend to see the leaves changing color.
But then Kylie had the much better idea of going up to Spud Lake for a hike and picnic. 

This turned out to be a perfect plan since there were plenty:

dogs to hug,

limbs to be used as walking sticks,

and Doritos to eat.

The hike was even family friendly enough for our smallest and laziest family member to tag along.
(Can you spot Hunter between Reed and Koen?)

We were even able to get a picture with the entire family looking at the camera.

Now that's a successful day!

Monday, October 3, 2011

A Night at the Races

Kyle and Reed are still begging me every breath to take them to the "dirt bike track".
Coupled with Jason taking them a few Friday nights ago to see JR's friend, Steven, race his BMX bike, they haven't stopped asking to go.

We had a free Friday night this weekend and decided to take them to the races.
We weren't sure they'd let them race (being that Strider bikes don't even have pedals) but the BMX folks were very welcoming and Kyle and Reed couldn't have been more excited. 

Race #1 (Kyle's the green bike, Reed's is the yellow)

Serious faces at the start

Reed started out with the lead (these races showed us just how competitive Reed is)

But after wiping out 3 times, Kyle got the lead on him.

And finished in 1st!
(The nice thing about only having 2 racers in your division is you know you're gonna win 1st or 2nd!)

After his big 1st place win, he thought he was one of the big guys.

Race #2

Reed was not going to let Kyle beat him this time.  Just look at Reed's face compared to Kyle's!

And this time, Reed was way out in front

And was able to hold on to his lead for the win!

JR congratulating his brothers.

And then, just when they thought the night couldn't get any better, they were presented with trophies for their big wins.
Which means they're now totally hooked and in love with with the BMX track.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Decor is Up

I think the kids were as excited as I was to get the Halloween decorations out.
JR's still the best decorator in the house (I've taught him well).
And Kyle and Reed thought they could actually go trick-or-treating as soon as the decorations went up.

The black cat and pumpkin motif is back in full effect this year in all its 360 degree glory.
That's why you get two pictures.

I had a moment of sadness this year when I realized I didn't have any new pieces I'd picked up at 75% off last year. (I've given this some great deal of thought and decided that I must have gone shopping, but the selection of black cats must have been nonexistent.)

Thankfully I did have these two new additions I bought a few weeks ago (and had forgotten about) to cheer me up.

JR decided to strip (most of) his shelves and go for full Halloween.

His favorite?
The giant spider, of course.

And the outside is almost ready too.
Just need some real pumpkins!