Monday, August 31, 2009

Goin' On The Circuit

To make sure Harry is okay (and that we aren't abusing, enslaving, or not feeding him...which I'm pretty sure he would find the worst of the 3) we picked our friends, Steve and Heather, to check in on him once a month (although I still think it's funny we got to pick out his advocates). They had a Thai exchange student a few years ago, and Steve works for the school district, so it's a perfect fit. Saturday night we all went to dinner and the car races (including JR and their son, Mack). I'm not exactly sure what Harry thought of the races, but JR and Mack were in heaven! Heather and I were also pretty excited since we were by far the hottest two ladies to ever set foot at that track. After spending an evening checking out the other female spectators, Heather and I are thinking about making a career change to super-modeling. But what may have been one of JR and Mack's most exciting moments in life happened at intermission. They invited all the 6-12 year old kids to come down for a ride in a stock car. I can't even imagine the liability or the OSHA rules this completely ignores, but evidently New Mexico is a lot like China when it comes to safety regulations. Of course none of us seemed to be worried about safety either. I had JR by the hand running him down there as fast I could, and Steve was calling behind Mack, "Tell them you're 6! Tell them you're 6!" (Mack being 5.) So here are the boys in their first stock car "race".

JR at the front of the line.

Putting the boys in the car Dukes of Hazzard style. They were in the car with the pink front.

Waving to us from the car. JR is wearing the helmet. He said they both got to wear a glove, and Mack reported that they got to touch the steering wheel. I can't even express the excitement these statements were made to us with.

Getting ready to race!

Looks like JR and Mack are winning! (No need to call CPS, they took 2 really slow laps around the track.)

Running back after their winning "race".

Two too cool racers!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Car Chat

As I was walking in a parking lot today I noticed a car with a bumper sticker that read:
"Charleston Heston Is My President-NRA"
I thought, "Hum, that's an unusual bumper sticker to see here in Durango. I feel like I'm almost back in Texas."
I passed a few more cars and then noticed another bumper sticker that said:
"Plants And Animals Are Dying To Make Room For Your Fat Ass"
And just that quickly I knew I was right back in the heart of Durango.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Food Network Better Give Me My Own Show For This

It seems my life has revolved around food lately. Which would be perfectly fine if I wasn't the one having to cook it! Just a little FYI, Chinese teenage boys can eat. They might eat rice everyday in China, but they aren't eating it here. Jason didn't really believe me when I told him Harry ate an entire poppy seed chicken casserole, but after watching him devour 3/4 of a tator tot casserole, Jason gave me the "you were right" look. In fact, I was "so right" that Jason called me today to tell me he had bought an FFA hog to split with a friend, and was trying to find 3 other people to go in with him for a steer. (You can stop laughing, I'm actually being completely serious.) I figure I'll tell the Durangoans that we think it's important to eat organic meat instead of that I'm trying to feed a Chinese teenager.
I admit it freely, I have no shame: I am not a cook. I don't pretend to be a cook, I don't like to cook, and quite makes me nervous. I'm okay with baking (which must be the reason I like to make casseroles). But browning meat is as much skillet work as I'm comfortable with (and I've just recently mastered that). But you know what's even worse than having to cook? The meal planning. Oh my goodness...It's a nightmare! I can't just whip something up from what I've got in the kitchen, so I actually have to preplan what I'm going to serve for the week. And believe me, I'm saving these "weekly menus" and they are going into heavy rotation once I run out of ideas. So here's the deal: if you've got any easy (and keep in mind what's easy for you probably isn't easy for me) recipes that don't require a lot of "stove action", I'm all ears. I'm great at casseroley type things and I LOVE the crock-pot. And DO NOT send me anything made by Rachel Ray (I tried to make one of her 30-minute meals once and it was a total disaster. Not only did Jason have to come to my rescue, it took us an hour and half to get something on the table. Even Jason thought her recipes were hard.)
And just to prove that I'm actually cooking everynight, I have pictures. Now one of these pictures has already been accused of being a fake when I posted it on Facebook. But, sadly, they are all too real. And why do I look so happy when I hate cooking you might ask? Smiling through my pain, my friends....smiling through my pain....

And if you're wondering how I'm typing this post during the dinner hour....I've got a lasagna in the oven, baby!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Snoop Dog

Here's how I found JR the other night. That would be 5 dogs (thankfully only one's real). Hunter, Spiker, Sparky, Freddie, and Spike. I guess it's pretty safe to say that JR has truly gone to the dogs!

Kyle Update

We're home from Kyle's MRI. They gave him Chloral Hydrate so he would go to sleep and, boy, did he fight it. After 20 minutes he was still jumpin' and jivin' so the RN wanted to give him some more. I'm really one that doesn't like to over-medicate (my mom's got lots of Christian Scientists on her side of the family, so I must get it from them) so I told the nurse to give him just a little longer. She told me they could wait about 5 more minutes, and a few minutes later I had finally walked and bounced him to sleep. He slept through the MRI, and popped up happy as could be when it was over (especially since he got to drink down his juice). Reed also enjoyed his playdate. He was on his best manners and got to play outside and color (two of his favs). I'm still not expecting to learn anything from the MRI, but I let y'all know the results when I get them.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hodgepodge O' Updates

The 1st day of school was deemed a success by JR. We made cookies when he got home (you didn't think I'd have them waiting for him did you?) and he took some to his teacher this morning (all his idea, he can be so sweet when he feels like it). I think Harry had some trouble with the language, but said he likes his math classes. (He's taking Trig and Functions...I can't imagine anything worse, except having to cook everyday...which will be the subject of another post.) I think he was a bit scared of the kids who "have earrings in their faces and wear big coats like it's winter". Jason and I agreed that we're a bit scared of those kids too. JR wasn't interested in having me walk with them to the bus this morning, so I said 'bye' to him in the driveway and off he went with Harry. Did I mention they both were wearing jackets? 48 degrees on the 2nd day of school. I think the high in Texas today is 102 or so.
Jason, his dad, and JR went antelope hunting this past weekend in New Mexico. This picture just cracks me up. JR posed himself, so Jason and his dad started calling him Teddy Roosevelt. JR had a great time, except for being furious that he wasn't allowed to shoot.
And finally, Kyle has his MRI in the morning. It's at 10, but I have to be there with him at 9. Poor thing can't have anything to eat or drink before we go. I could probably get away with that with Reed, but Kyle is going to be some kinda mad. Praise the Lord I only have to go to the hospital here in Durango, no Death March Drive to Albuquerque. The MRI itself should only take about 20 minutes, but they have to put him to sleep to do it. They did tell me I could stay in the room with him, so I'm happy about that. Reed is staying with a neighbor while we go. Our neighbor works from home and her son is a day older than the twins. She has a babysitter in the mornings, so it's a little combo playdate/babysitter for Reed. Hopefully he knows he can only attack and sit on his brother for toys he wants...come to think of it, I might need to give him a little refresher lesson on playdate manners.

Monday, August 24, 2009

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

No tears from this mama! Maybe when the babies start off to school I'll get misty, but all I could think this morning was "Woo-Hoo!" Here's JR's requisite first day of school picture (he's starting 1st this year).

Always the Ingersoll, he made sure to say "Hi!" to Emma and Chloe. They're both in his class again this year. You'll remember Emma from his "Emma totally loves me" story and he claims that Chloe is his "school girlfriend". (Our across the street neighbor, Hannah, is his "neighborhood girlfriend".)

JR's friend, William, is also in his class...which they are both excited about.

I wanted a picture of Harry and JR together this morning, but Harry was getting ready when we left with JR. The high school doesn't start until noon today (how lucky are they?) but Harry had to be there at 10:00 for new upperclassman orientation. I took him to Starbucks before hand to hopefully start the day off right. (And yes, under normal circumstances I do not patron Starbucks. Y'all know I'm much too conservative to spend $4 on a cup of coffee.)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Conversations With Harry 2

I took Harry to church this morning (Jason and JR are antelope hunting). After the service the pastor came by to shake hands and meet Harry. After he walked off Harry turned to me and said, "So is he the Godfather?"

Friday, August 21, 2009

Conversations With Harry

Harry: Jane? (I'm used to it, I've learned it's next to impossible for any non native English speaker to say "Jan".)
Harry: I have a question for you.
Me: Okay.
Harry: Why are all Americans so fat?
Me: Well, we like to eat.
Harry: No. Chinese like to eat too.
Me: But our food tastes good, so we eat a lot of it, and it's fattening.
Harry: But Chinese food tastes good, and I think it is just as fattening as American food.
Me: Yeah, but we eat a lot of fast food, and the Chinese don't.
Harry: But the young Chinese like fast food,they eat it a lot, and they aren't fat.
(Seeing that I'm not going to win with this argument, I switch gears.)
Me: But Americans don't get as much exercise as Chinese. Most Chinese walk or ride a bicycle to work, and we drive our cars everywhere.
Harry: But Americans like sports.
Me: Well, Americans like to watch sports.
Harry: My dad says you shouldn't say people are 'fat', you should call them 'overweight'.
Me: (laughing) Well, Chinese people used to tell me I was fat all the time, but in America you shouldn't tell somebody they're fat.
Harry: You should tell them they're 'overweight'?
Me: No, you should tell them that either. It's not polite to tell somebody they're fat or overweight. You can think it, but you shouldn't tell them.
Harry: So you and Jason are considered skinny in America?
Me: (laughing again, knowing he doesn't think so) Well, I don't think we're considered fat.

A little while later we went to Sonic for lunch. Harry ordered a double meat double cheese hamburger with fries. As he was eating, I pointed to his hamburger and said, "Harry, that's why Americans are fat."

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I was talking to my mom today and she said, "So, what are the babies doing?" Nonchalantly I said, "Oh, they're taking a shower." I finally got fed up with all the bathtub tears, and now they're happy as can be. They'd play in here all day if I let them...

Sometimes they like to close the door...

After the shower portion it's time for (what I think is) their true favorite part...making a lap around the house naked.
Of course, Kyle has to accessorize first...I guess one houseshoe is better than none when it's naked dump truck pushing time.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Durangoans Will Be So Proud

I have pictures to prove it. The Ingersolls are not just hunters...but friends to the animals. Grandpa Gary is visiting us and has some friends with an elk ranch in Pagosa Springs (about an hour from here). We drove over today, and 2 of the female elk "love to snuggle"! So here's those Ingy hunters with their new friends.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Heeerrrreee's Harry!

Well, I don't think Harry will be wanting to fly to Denver anytime soon. The notoriously turbulent Denver to Durango flight was in full effect today. So much so that Harry said a couple people threw up. Here's how he felt after he landed...Welcome to Durango, Harry!

JR is thrilled beyond words to have Harry living with us this year. And even more exciting, Harry brought JR Up and Monster Vs Aliens on DVD. I know what'll be in heavy DVD rotation for the next few weeks!

Our Due Date is Here!

Just a few more hours until we become the proud parents of a 16 year old Chinese exchange student! We are picking Harry (and his dad, Johnasen) up from the airport around 3:00. His dad will be leaving in the morning, so he is literally "dropping him off".
I had the funniest Facebook exchange with one of my college friends this morning. She lives in Boulder and told me that one of her husband's coworkers picked up their exchange student this weekend. Their exchange student is from Hong Kong and kept asking, "Where are all the people?" Her host mom pointed out that they passed about 10 cars on I-25, a busy day in Pueblo. When Ayi came to visit us in Houston she asked almost the same thing, except it was, "Where are all the taxis? And where are all the bicycles?" I'm sure Harry will be thinking the same thing coming to live in Durango...population around 15,000, compared to Beijing's 17 million!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Back to Work

So the last time I wrote about this was waaay back on December 12th. I never finished Reed's Christmas stocking (relying on the excuse that at less than a year old, he'd have no idea if he had a stocking or not). But Friday night I went back to work. I'm determined to have ALL my Christmas decorations up and ready to go at the appropriate time (just like a good Reynolds should). And that 'appropriate time' should be right after Halloween. I thought if I posted my stocking process I'd do a better job keeping up with it. I've been sewing green leaves since Friday night. See those leaves? Each one has to be cut out and sewn on individually (and green leaves go along the bottom too). Go, Me, Go!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Per My Mom's Request

This post isn't up to my usual blog standards, but my mom asked me to update my blog so she'd have something to read tonight...and who am I to upset my mama? So here we go: We went to Jason's company picnic today which had 3 different bouncy castles (big slide, obstacle course, and basic bounce house). At one point the bounce house cleared out, so all the little kids about 2 and under got in. There were probably 5 or 6 little ones in the house including Kyle and Reed. The kids were "jumping" and laughing when all of a sudden the house started to deflate. It took us parents a few seconds to figure out what was going on, and FYI, when those houses start going down, they go down fast! We called for the kids to come to us, and 6 little ones started crawling over (all with big eyes). Jason was able to reach out and grab Reed by the arms, somebody else was able to scoop out Kyle, and I grabbed a little girl just as the top was completely collapsing on the bottom. It was a little scary, but kinda funny too. The generator had gone out, which caused the blower to stop working. Luckily for the kids they had it fixed in about five minutes. Crisis averted. The only other excitement was when JR waddled back to the table with a snowcone (I love snowcones) and the biggest stick of cotton candy I've ever seen in my life. See what I mean...

Reed was too busy eating cotton candy and snowcones in my lap to have his picture made, but Kyle played the part of a true Durangoan and preferred health food to the junk. Jason left the table and Kyle grabbed his watermelon and kept on going.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Kyle Update 2

We pulled out of Durango about 7:30 yesterday morning to start the death march down to Albuquerque. It really is one of the most boring drives you'll ever have to make (Texans, think El Paso to Fort Stockton). After a quick lunch, we arrived at UNM-University Hospital at 12:30 for a 1:00 appointment (just as they asked us). About 1:05 they put us in the tiny examining room. About 1:45 they came in to move us to a playroom since they could tell our 3 kids had just about destroyed the examining room. And why couldn't we have been in the play room the entire time? At 2:00 they came back to get us to say the doctor was ready to see us. The doctor and a medical student came in and we told them what had been going on with Kyle.
I'll stop the update here to let you know that Kyle had another "spell" while we were at Yellowstone. It was the same as before, he stoped walking and "crumpled up", but his eyes remained focused and "normal" the entire time. It took him longer to be able to walk, but again, as soon as he could walk, he was completely normal.
After telling the doctor everything that had happened, he asked lots of questions and then examined him. They let us go back to the playroom while the doctor, medical student, and the lead neurologist looked at his CT scan and discussed. All 3 doctors brought us back to the room and said that they think the cyst has nothing to do with the seizures. So that now brings the doctor total to 6 who say they think the cyst is nothing, and is just an incidental finding. Unfortunately, they really have no idea why he is seizuring, or even if what he's having are seizures. The lead neurologist suggested he have an EEG (which is like an EKG except it's on your brain). She said this would show if he is prone to having seizures. At this point I said, "Okay, so if he's not having seizures, what would you call them?" And the doctor looked at me and said, "Spells." Well, whatda ya know, I have totally missed my calling. I so should have been a neurologist, because "spells" is exactly what we call them in East Texas. Needless to say, I was just a little frustrated that we had driven 4 hours to find out Kyle was having "spells." Anyway, the lead neurologist called to see if Kyle could get in to get an EEG, and praise the Lord, they had had a cancellation so we got right in. The EEG Lady told us they wanted to get 15 minutes of sleep and 15 minutes of him awake. Jason and I both told her, "there is no way he is going to sleep". Kyle only sleeps if he is in a bed (preferably his), and there is nothing else going on. This is the same child who will force himself to stay awake in the car to watch a Handy Manny video he's seen no less than 56 times. I'm telling you, Kyle was obviously covered in prayer yesterday. As she was putting the little electrodes all over his head, he went to sleep. And I'm not exaggerating when I say this...that is a miracle as big as the Red Sea parting. After the EEG was over they told us they'd have the results to us by Tuesday, but as I was typing this post, the doctor called. So you're actually getting the results before Jason since he hasn't called me back yet. The doctor said that his awake brain activity was "totally normal", but that while he was asleep it showed, "rare right frontal sharp and spiked discharges". A true miracle that he went to sleep? Yes it was! I just have to quote Granny Sherry's "favorite" pastor, Joel Osteen, "The favor of the Lord was upon us!" I asked the doctor, "So does 'rare' mean this is something you don't see a lot of, or 'rare' like he 'rarely' had any discharges?" Thankfully, 'rare' means he didn't have a lot of discharges. The doctor now thinks that his "spells" were seizures (and BTW, she did use the word "spells" with me again on the phone). So our next step is for him to get an MRI so we can maybe see what's causing all this. I asked the doctor if this is something he will outgrow, or do I need to be worried. She said she just doesn't know if he will outgrow it, and that we'll hopefully know more when the MRI comes back. For now we are supposed to just watch him and if he continues to have seizures/spells then we might need to put him on some medicine. That's all I've got for now, but I'll be sure and keep you updated.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kyle Update

I have gotten so many calls, texts, and emails wondering how Kyle's doctor's appointment went today. Thank you so much! After the "death march" drive to and from Albuquerque today, I am just wiped out, so I'll post a full update/story tomorrow morning. But for the super quick update...basically we didn't find out anything. Somewhat frustrating, but at least there was no bad news!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


After I put the babies to sleep tonight I heard squeals of laughter coming from Reed. When I walked in the room I saw Kyle running back in forth in his crib, then he looked at me. I just had to laugh too.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Durango Weather/Animal Report

If my house had air condition, I would have turned it on today. And my nose is quite confident there was a skunk somewhere in our yard last night.

Monday, August 10, 2009


So, I'm wrapping up Yellowstone today with our Checklist and JR Highlights. If you've been to Yellowstone you already know exactly what we saw since I don't think it's changed in 50 years. I'm guessing those of you who've been probably have these same exact pictures (except with your faces in them, of course).

Yellowstone Lake Boat Tour-CHECK

Upper Falls at the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone-CHECK


Sulfur Cauldrons-CHECK

Mud Volcanoes-CHECK

And of course...


JR Yellowstone Highlights

Driving the boat in Yellowstone Lake. I couldn't believe our guide let JR drive...and either could JR.

Becoming a Jr. Park Ranger. The Park Ranger had everybody stop and clap for JR as he received his patch. JR was thrilled...he loves applause and being the center of attention (I have no idea where he gets it from).

He begged to go fishing the whole time we were there.

Having the babies think his top bunk was the coolest place to play ever. Okay, so maybe that's a baby highlight and not one of JR's

And of course, the best part of all....S'mores.