Saturday, November 18, 2017

Kyle and Me Trip

Kyle and I have been on a little trip to Austin these last few days.
I got him out of school early on Thursday and we went up to watch a UT diving meet.

(U of H and Rice only have women's diving, so UT is the closest school to us with men's.)

We couldn't believe we have to pay $3 for a middle school sporting event, but a college diving meet is free!

The Longhorn Network was broadcasting live from all the final rounds.
You can see them above Kyle's head. 

I think Kyle videoed every single dive. 

We found the Longhorn Network truck outside.

We saw diving Thursday night (men's 1 meter springboard finals), Friday afternoon (men's 3 meter springboard prelims) and Friday night (men's 3 meter springboard finals).  As an added bonus all the divers were practicing for their platform competition that was Saturday afternoon, so we got to see all kinds of platform diving too.

We had a great time and were super impressed with all the divers.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Science Fair

I've been holding on to JR's science fair project since he was in the 5th grade.
He turned it in in both the 4th and 5th grade, and I've always known that Kyle would turn it in when he had to do one.

Unfortunately for me, they wouldn't accept JR's science fair project because it wasn't "scientific" enough (even though he turned it in to the exact same school 3 years ago).

Science Fair is optional for extra credit, so Kyle was perfectly fine not turning a project in.

Reed was dead-set on turning in a project, so I told him he was going to have to hook up with somebody because I didn't have it in me to do one.

Luckily for Reed, Sean's brother's old science fair project was approved.

They actually re-did the experiment (mentos in soda bottles).

And Wendy did an amazing job on their board!

I did absolutely nothing for this project so I told her I owe her a girls night out, and I"ll have to do their science fair project next year. 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

2 More

Like I said, I have eyes and ears everywhere.  
These 2 pictures were sent to me just today and I love them so much I had to post them.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Veteran's Day Assemblies

Kyle, Reed, and JR all had their Veteran's Day assemblies at the same time. 

 Kyle had a speaking part and Reed had a "solo with Sean and 3 other girls" (as he told me), so for the first time in their lives, Kyle and Reed trumped JR in the singing and speaking department.  
(Plus I went to JR's last year and missed theirs.)

I was volunteering in the front office the day before, so I snuck in during Kyle and Reed's rehearsal so I wouldn't have to video during the show and could just enjoy it.

I so wish I had videoed Kyle during the show.  He was hands down-no contest the absolute best speaker in the show.  Much better than in this video.

Reed's group was the finale and they were great! 
As one mom told me. "I kept waiting for them to go off key and they never did! God Bless America is hard."

I also didn't take pictures during the show, but I knew I'd have lots of friends that would. 

My kids refused to wear "collared shirts", so yes, everyone else around them looks so much more presentable.  

Kyle's group

Reed's group

Grandpa Gary and PawPaw were both there and got to stand up and be honored for being veterans of the army.  I missed getting a picture with Grandpa, but here's PawPaw.

And since I have eyes and ears everywhere, I don't feel like I missed a thing from JR's program.

And they really did sound fantastic.
Their patriotic medley was great!

And they have got the National Anthem down!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Thanksgiving Break

I'll be taking this week off of blogging for Thanksgiving Break.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 10, 2017

Diving Clinic

A few weekends back, Kyle and I got up early on a Saturday morning and drove out to Pearland to a diving clinic.

He was in heaven with all the diving, and he got some great coaching.

Here are all the diving kids that were there.
(Kyle is the only boy on the diving board.)

In the afternoon we headed over to a gym that was equipped with all kinds of dry land diving equipment. After a pep talk from to Olympic diving gold medalist, Laura Wilkinson, (and Kyle getting to hold her gold medal from the Sydney Games) they spent about 2 hours in the gym. 

He said their "real" Olympic trampolines are way better than the "fake" Olympic trampolines they have at trampoline parks.

Here he is jumping on the trampoline, and then how that helps him at the pool.

He also spent lots of time on the dry board.
Here he is doing the same dive (a front flip with a twist) on the dry board and at the pool. 
 He still has a way to go....

Thursday, November 9, 2017

The Same Every Year

I will forever buy school pictures just so when they come in I can text Jason and ask him if he wants to see his school picture.  

This year's text to him was:

Your 4th grade school picture came out great.

Reed actually looks more like Jason than he ever has

JR didn't even bring home and order form, just these little stickers that I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with.  

At least he still looks like me.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

First and Last Season

JR's first, only, and absolutely last football season is over.

Some of the Ingersolls did a better job of watching his games than others.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

He Found a Ride

Just like I promised, I was nowhere near the Astros World Series parade on Friday afternoon.

There were 1 million crazies who did turn out for it, one of which was JR.

He never could find any of his friends' parents that were going, so he wound up going with our next door neighbor's brother's family.

Oh yes, you read that right.  My next door neighbor...her brother was taking his family, and JR finagled a ride with them...we've never even met these people (nor had JR).  

It was very sweet of them to take a stranger with them to the parade, and JR said it was awesome and totally worth it.

Here he is, enjoying his view from a 2nd story parking garage. 

Just look at all those people! No thank you!!! 

Monday, November 6, 2017

Lights, Camera, Auction

Jason and I went to the elementary school auction on Saturday night.
The best part about it was that I wasn't an auction chair! 

It was a movie theme, and when I asked Jason what he wanted to be he thought of his favorite scene in all of cinematic history:

The dart scene from Old School.  If you haven't seen it, here it is:

And here's my version...Jason wore a baseball cap because I don't have a Will Ferrell wig in my prop closet (I only have an afro.)

(Yes, I made Jason's dart out of a left over party horn I had lying around.)

I had a last minute costume change (like 15 minutes before we walked out the door) and went as Dolly Parton's character Miss Mona in Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. 

Miss Mona may or may not have wound up on stage with the DJ for most of the night, but if you know Miss Mona, then you know she probably did. 

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Yay Texas, not The Texans

I'm behind on what's been going on, so I'm just going to start with today and work backwards.

We went to The Texans game today.
I'm mad at the The Texans for kneeling during the National Anthem last week so I refused to wear any of their gear.

I wasn't the only one, as most of the stadium was in orange instead of red.  
And the most cheers of the whole game was for The Astros that appeared with the World Series trophy on the sidelines.

My favorite moment was Reed trying to kick a field goal in the Kids Zone.

This clip is so funny I have it regular speed and slow motion.  
Watch how his shoe flies off during his kick!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Houston Strong

 The Astros won the World Series.

JR didn't get to go to the World Series, but I never saw this picture of him until he showed it to me last of his teachers sent it to him. 

Here's JR with just 1 out left to go in the game.

On the other hand, Chloe was cool as a cucumber.

Here's the big win

Like JR, all of Houston has lost their minds.  HISD has cancelled school tomorrow for the parade downtown. (Luckily, we are not in HISD.) 

 JR thinks he's going to the parade; hopefully he has a friend with a nicer mom than me.
Now don't get me wrong, I'm excited for Houston and excited for the Astros, but I'm not about to go get in the middle of all that insaneness.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017


Usually our streets look like Mardi Gras for Halloween.

Thankfully we had 2 things that kept the crowds away this year.

1.  It started raining about 4:00 and never let up
2. The Astros came on at 7:20

As my kids do every year, they changed their Halloween costume at the last minute. This is the reason I didn't even buy them anything until Saturday.

Kyle went as a cat.

Here he is with our next door neighbor in a costume I will never know anything about since I don't have girls. 

Kyle took off with his friends, and at one point they showed back up at the house looking like this.
Their Halloween costumes consisting of a pair of vampire teeth.

Reed wanted a "morph suit" and settled on this alien one.  
He added the wig.

Reed went to Sean's neighborhood to trick or treat. 
Sean, who had been President Trump for the school party, liked Reed's zipper face so much he wanted to do it.

So this is Sean's zipper face.  (I'm glad my kids aren't the only ones who always change their Halloween costumes.)

Even with the rain Reed came in with a good haul of candy.

I'm not even sure what Kyle's candy situation looked like. I think he was too busy running off to the neighborhood girls' houses...the girls were also busy running over here looking for him.

JR was working on Halloween.
He DJed a party and went dressed as Jackie Moon (Will Ferrell from Semi Pro.)
It kinda cracked me up because in 2012 I dressed JR up as this exact same thing.

Here's what I wrote:

 I figured JR could go as Jackie Moon (Will Ferrell's character in Semi Pro). 
Of course JR has never seen Semi Pro, but he knows Will Ferrell from Elf, so he was all for it. 

5 years later JR has seen Semi Pro many times and absolutely loves it.
I'm pretty proud of myself for knowing him so well. 

Monday, October 30, 2017

Go Stros!

Jason has been to 2 of the World Series games. 
 Which means he's gone to the Super Bowl and the World Series in the same year. 
 (Pretty good for somebody who doesn't even watch sports on TV.)

I'm not saying that Jason's the reason the Astros won, but he did go on Friday and Sunday night, and Saturday night was the night they lost.

He got home at a somewhat decent time Friday night, but it was after 2:00 when he got home last night.  

This was the picture he texted me on Friday night.

And this is the group of guys he went with last night.

He says it's crazy loud inside the stadium, the drinks are $32 (he negotiated it down to $22 by foregoing the souvenir cup, and he hasn't seen J.Lo. 

Sunday, October 29, 2017

I Can't Believe I'm so Good at This

Kyle and Reed had their school Halloween auction party on Friday night.

Reed has been obsessed with the "zipper face" since he saw a picture of it online. At first I told him there was no way in the world I could do that, but then I decided to take a page from Kyle and Reed's playbook, and watch a "how to" video, and discovered it isn't hard at all.

Here's my finished product of Reed's zipper face.

Reed videoed the whole process in time-lapse, so you watch me do the whole thing in 30 seconds.

Kyle was still trying to come up with his costume as I was doing Reed's make-up. You'll actually see him appear in Reed's video wearing one of JR's old Chinese costumes as we discussed if we could stick chop sticks coming out of his head.

We finally just decided on some cool "zombie make-up and flesh wounds".
I don't think the vampire teeth even made it to the party.

Of course, Kyle made a time-lapse video too.

Finished products together.
(Reed's hair really isn't that orange, it's left over from being sprayed yellow at school for Field Day.)

I was a party chaperone, so I dropped them off at Sean's so they didn't have to go early with me.
I thought this picture of them together was so cute!
Sean is the best President Trump I've seen!

As would totally be expected by anyone related to me, Reed won the dance contest.  
Here he is showing off his trophy.

And Kyle and Reed won "scariest costume".
It was the end of the night, so I missed getting a picture. But come on, that's my award anyway, right?

They had so much fun at the party that they weren't even jealous of  their friends (and their dad) that missed the party because they were at the World Series. 

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Another Last

JR sang The National Anthem at his last Singing with the Stangs for the Memorial/Stratford pregame.
The choirs sounded amazing and I was really impressed!

Kyle and Reed were happy to see next door neighbor Mary.

And we saw JR too.

I forgot to bring him a change of clothes which was almost the biggest crisis of his life since the Memorial/Stratford game is the "social event of the year".  (That quote was "screamed" at me through a text when I said I "forgot" the change of clothes I was never told to bring in the first place.)

 Luckily I was wearing a Spring Branch t-shirt, so I was the one who wound up wearing this cute, pink Singing with the Stangs shirt for the actual game.