Wednesday, February 5, 2014

100 Projects

I thought I was prepared for Texas.
Unfortunately, I totally underestimated a few things:
1. Traffic
2. Reaction to "cold"
3. Projects
Oh my goodness, I have two kids too many to handle the amount of projects.
Right now JR has a science fair project and a presidential book report going on. (He, along with 95% of his class, picked President Ronald Reagan.  No one picked a democrat.)
Kyle and Reed just finished up their 100 days of school project.
The moms did a great job on the projects:  Battle scene dioramas, crayons melting down the page that looked like it could hang in a museum, and an exact replica of the "Up" house with 100 balloons.
I'm not mentally ready to compete with the other moms yet, so the boys just picked out what they wanted to do from my selections on Pinterest.
Kyle did a s'more with 100 marshmallows.

Reed did a fish bowl.  His artist brain almost exploded when I told them he had to group them in tens. He wanted the fish swimming prettily around the bowl. 
This was his answer to the grouping "problem".

FYI, if you have to do a 100 day project:
 Hot glue and marshmallows= awesome.
Hot glue and goldfish crackers= the project is lying down for a reason.
Wish me luck on the science fair!

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Anonymous said...

Those are so cute. Projects on top of spelling words and Bible do you get it all done? MR