Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy Birthday (and I'm back in business)

You might be wondering where I've been.
That is a crazy story that I will share later.
I'm so happy to have cable and Internet back (5 days is way too long!) but today we are celebrating Presidents' Day.
The kids are home from school (I think they've now gone two full weeks since Christmas) and JR said we should celebrate President Reagan's birthday since it's February 6th.
(Of course, JR would know that.)
I thought that was a wonderful idea, so this Preseidents' Day we are also celebrating our favoritey-fav President Ronald Reagan.
And for the perfect Presidents' Day picture, here are Granny Buffie and JR getting read to go to a Texas Republican candidates meet and greet. 
They had a great time, and filled my yard with all kinds of political signs. 

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Anonymous said...

So cute! Great way to celebrate Presidents Day. MR