Monday, August 12, 2013

Limbo (With Video)

The other night JR had his end of season drama party.
It was a skate party, and family and friends were invited.
The entire Ingy family tore up the skate floor, and Kyle walked away the big winner of the night beating out 25 kids in the limbo contest.
I think Reed is still stunned that Kyle beat him.
(Reed got out before the winning round).
And, of course, there were tears on Reed's part.
But just look how excited Kyle is.

He won 25 tickets with his lucky spin card, which he used to pick out fake play money and a plastic skateboard keychain. (I'm having Chuck E Cheese flashbacks.)
And here's the winning limbo. The video is (literally) all of 5 seconds, and that loud screaming/ me.
Which just goes to show, I will cheer like crazy for my kids in even the most mundane contests. 
 (I can't help it, I inherited it from my mom.)

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