Monday, July 6, 2015

For the Fun of It

I haven't participated in a 4th of July parade that wasn't also a contest in....well...ever.
We stayed home this year and did our local parade. 

The floats were impressive and so were the float riders (including the lieutenant governor of Texas). 
But if there had been a contest for bikes I would have totally won. 
(Oops, of course, I mean JR would have won.)

Kyle and Reed wanted to rollerblade, and since you can't really decorate rollerblades, I just decorated them. 
(I love that my kids think over-costuming is normal and totally participate.)

The parade route is long (about 2 miles) and we saw lots of friends from school.
The kids were much faster than us on their wheels, so Jason and I measured our walking pace by making sure the high school band didn't overtake us.
This was the only picture I was able to run ahead and snap.

We celebrated the end of the parade the best way we Texans know how...bull riding.


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