Friday, December 20, 2013

Fashion Fabulous Friday-Christmas Tree Fashions

I have to admit I haven't put up this little Christmas since Kyle and Reed were babies.
I was trying to get it up before JR's play, so I gave myself about 5 days and what I got up was what we have this year.
I actually kind of like it more minimal (minimal for me, anyway) but don't tell Jason! He'll try and convince me I don't need so much every year.
There were some favorite trees that just didn't make the cut this year.  The Texas tree and the Chinese tree are pretty labor intensive to decorate, so I just didn't do them. 
You'll notice the trees I did do really take minimal effort (except the family tree, and Kyle and Reed did that one).

This is as you walk in the front door.  My mom named that wide space you see the "bowling alley".  I put a tree there last year, but I'm fine with the open space this year.

The office tree. This is me trying to do a "tasteful hunting tree".  I did this one last year, but since the office has so many animals, there's really nothing else you could do in here.

The silver area.  The table has some new pieces and arranged a bit different this year.

The peacock tree seems to make it up every year.  It's sooo easy I just can't help but do it.

I usually put the pink trees in our room.  (Our room has not one hint of Christmas this year.) 
I've been picking up a few pink pieces after Christmas each year, so I finally have enough for a pink grouping.
 I picked up this Santa on a stand (the one with no bottom) for next to nothing in a little shop in Idaho Springs after Christmas last year.  He's one of my new favorites.

This tree makes me so happy. (Too bad I have yet to figure out how to take a good picture of a Christmas tree.) 
 Last year I put this one I call "countdown to Christmas" in Kyle and Reed's room, but they wanted a "new" tree this year.

You've already seen our family tree compliments of Kyle and Reed, and my mantle couldn't have been easier.

I absolutely love this snow covered tree (you can get it at Hobby Lobby) but it's a bit tricky.
The tree itself is beautiful, but ornaments looks terrible on it. 
(My parents have the same one and say the same thing.) 
Throw a few red birds on it and it's done.

The gingerbread tree is an oldie.  The kids love it, so it keeps going up.

This is what Kyle and Reed specifically asked for this year.  A nutcracker tree.  If the tree doesn't fall in the floor before Christmas we're calling it a success.

Most of these pieces usually go with the gingerbread tree, but I pulled them out to make JR a Willy Wonkaish candy tree this year.

And his life wouldn't be complete without his little cub scout tree.
I wasn't going to show anything but the trees, but I just had to take a picture of my Nativity scenes.
I'd like to work on my Christmas angel collection, and I'm always on the look out for pretty or unusual Nativities.
And that's really it.
I know, not my usual.
 I guess that means I'll have to really go all out next year. (Jason will be thrilled.)


Nancy B said...

Your trees are Beautiful...Merry Christmas to you, Jason and the Kids AND to Sherry.
Nancy Knowles Black

Anonymous said...

LOVE them all. You were amazing to get all that pulled together before the play. MR

Angie Vik said...

Very fun, creative, and clever. I never thought to have more than one tree. I like all the different themes.