Thursday, December 19, 2013

You Better Watch Out

So are you sick of my elf yet?
Good thing there's less than a week to Christmas!
So, the kids love this elf so much we've had to start taking it places.
And since they can't touch him, "we" means, I've had to start packing an elf around almost everywhere I go.
Thankfully Scott and Debbie are great friends, so I wasn't totally embarrassed when I showed up with an elf in my pocket for dinner because Kyle and Reed wanted Sam to see "how good Anna and Emily are".
I've also been having to take him to hockey games.
(That's Kyle as goalie and Reed playing defense.)

Kyle was thrilled the other night when a kid knocked him down.  Kyle said, "Sam saw the whole thing! That kid is on the naughty list and getting coal! He didn't know I had my elf here watching and now he's in trouble."

Wonderful. On top of everything else our elf is now monitoring the behavior of other children in public places.
I figure the elf has been to enough hockey games now (at least 4) to be ready to skate himself.

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Angie Vik said...

I love your elf notes. I think it's neat how you do so many fun things for your kids. They'll have Los of fun childhood memories.