Sunday, February 26, 2017

Ingy Vs Ingy- Baseball Edition

The first baseball game of the season put Kyle's team up against Reed's team. 

It was way harder to cheer for both baseball teams than basketball teams, and I'm glad I got it over with.

Kyle is playing catcher and Reed is playing 1st base.  
Kyle is a great catcher since he isn't scared of the ball. 

I was so busy going back and forth, this is the only picture I took during the game. 
Reed batting and Kyle catching 

I had no idea how to cheer when Reed got Kyle out at 1st.
Kyle also tried to get Reed out steeling 2nd base.

I believe I screamed "Don't get your brother out!" both times. 

Kyle's team won 6-1.

Both of their teachers came to watch, but Reed isn't in the picture because he jumped in the car as soon as the game was over so he could make it in time to play in the 2nd half of his basketball playoff game.
It will be nice to cheer for one team at a time from now on! 

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